How to See Deleted Discord Messages?

How to See Deleted Discord Messages? How to recover deleted Discord messages?

So discord once said on its Twitter account that “Deleted Dm’s are instantly wiped from our server, so once something is deleted it’s gone for good”.

If you are using abusive words discord deletes messages instantly and sometimes the bot deletes messages that are not abusive too.

So if you want to know How to See Deleted Discord Messages then continue reading.

How to See Deleted Discord Messages?

You cannot see deleted messages on Discord as Discord doesn’t allow to retrieve messages once the message is officially deleted from discord.

Moreover, the Discord bots delete messages themselves from the chat even if they are not abusive or against Discord ToS.

Due to which Discord user experience is decreasing and many messages are deleted without any reason.

BUT here are some methods mentioned below through which you can see deleted discord messages.

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How to See Deleted Discord Messages Via Better Discord

You can see deleted Discord messages with the help of a Better Discord tool.

It helps you save deleted messages and you will be able to know how to recover deleted Discord messages after the discord server is restarted.


How to View Deleted Messages on Discord Using Dynobot?

You can view deleted messages on discord if you are the admin of a Discord server

then Dynobot is the best plugin to help see deleted discord messages.

Dynobot is full of features as it helps you control the server

but installing Dynobot and using it is a complicated task which many users don’t get into it.

So if you want to make your users on the server happy and see deleted discord messages then Dynobot is a to see deleted discord messages

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Take a Screenshot? How to View Deleted Messages Discord?

The least you can do to view deleted messages is take a screenshot of that message on Discord which you think is important and will be deleted.

For that, you can use the screenshot feature of your PC or mobile and save it where you feel like it.

I hope you get to know How to See Deleted Discord Messages and if you got any questions just let us know in the comment section.


How to See Deleted Discord Messages?

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