How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Mobile? 3 Easy Ways!

Have you ever accidentally deleted an important message on Discord and wished you could get it back? There is no direct way to recover Discord messages on Discord directly from the applications.

Now if you are wondering how to see deleted messages on Discord, you can use third-party applications like Better Discord or Dyno Bot that will recover your previously sent messages from any chat without a hassle.

It’s not always the humans

If you are using abusive words discord deletes messages instantly and sometimes the bot deletes messages that are not abusive too.

In this article, we will provide some simple methods on how to see deleted messages on Discord mobile, so you can stay up-to-date with your conversations and never miss a beat.

How to See Deleted Discord Messages in DMs

There is no method provided by Discord to recover a deleted message.

You cannot restore deleted Discord messages as once the message has been deleted by the sender there’s no other official way to recover deleted discord messages.

But, there are some third-party tools that can come in handy.

How to See Deleted DMs on Discord

You cannot see deleted messages on Discord as Discord doesn’t allow you to retrieve messages once the message is officially deleted from discord.

Moreover, the Discord bot deletes the messages from the chat even if they are not abusive or against Discord ToS.

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Due to this Discord user experience is decreasing and many messages are deleted without any reason. But, here are 3 methods mentioned below through which you can see Deleted Messages on Discord Mobile/Desktop.

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How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Mobile?

Using Discord on your Android/iPhone and wondering if you can see deleted messages on Discord Mobile? Unfortunately, there’s no official way you can see deleted Discord messages on mobile. But, if you are an Android phone user, there might still be a way!!

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Android?

There’s a third-party plugin BlueCord by BlueMods that does allow you to see deleted messages on Discord Mobile.

All you need is to install the APK and follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the cog icon by going to the User Settings
  2. Choose Blue Mods and then tap on Chat
  3. After selecting Deny on the pop up choose Anti Message Delete.
  4. Now enable Block Delete + Log option and you will be able to see deleted discord messages on mobile.
There's a third party plugin BlueCord by BlueMods that does allow you to see deleted messages on Discord Mobile.

Is BlueCords Safe?

Yes, the plugin is safe to use but it’s against the Discord ToS to use third-party plugins. Additionally, you won’t get banned unless you are reported so, if you don’t tell anyone, you won’t get reported.

More FAQs answered by the developer themself

Moving on to how to see deleted messages on Discord Windows 11/10 PC.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Discord With Better Discord

You can recover deleted Discord messages on your PC with the help of a Better Discord tool.

Better Discord is an app that enhances the capabilities of Discord, and when used with the MessageLoggerV2 plugin, it allows you to log all messages on your server and view any deleted messages in your logs.

How to see deleted messages on discord mobile with Better Discord
  1. Download the Better Discord app and run the installer.
  2. Once the installation is complete, Discord should launch.
  3. Download MessageLoggerV2 and make sure you know where it has been saved.
  4. Make sure you save the location where you saved the file because you are going to need that in the next step
  5. Launch Discord.
  6. Click the Settings icon.
  7. Scroll down to the Better Discord section and click Plugins > Open Plugin Folder.
  8. When the Plugin Folder opens, navigate to your MessageLoggerV2 download and drag it into the Plugin Folder.
  9. Return to Discord and click the toggle switch to enable the plugin.
  10. If you receive a message about missing libraries, click Download Now to install them.
  11. Click the toggle switch to enable XenoLib and ZeresPluginLibrary.integ
  12. Return to the home screen and right-click the server you want to monitor.
  13. Select Message Logger > Add to Whitelist.
  14. Better Discord will now start logging messages on this server.
  15. When a message is deleted, the deleted message will still be visible to you in the chat channel in red text. It will not be visible to other users.
  16. To see all deleted messages, right-click on the server icon.
  17. Select Message Logger > Open Logs.
  18. Under the Deleted tab you will see all deleted messages

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How to View Deleted Discord Messages Using Dyno bot?

You can view/see deleted discord messages on a desktop if you are the admin of a Discord server

then Dyno bot is the best plugin to help see deleted discord messages.

Dyno bot is full of features as it helps you control the server.

But, installing the Dyno bot and using it is a complicated task that many users don’t get into it.

How to see deleted messages on discord mobile with Dyno Discord Platform

So, if you want to make your users on the server happy and see deleted discord messages then the Dyno bot is a must.

  1. Visit the Dyno bot and Sign in using your Discord credentials.
  2. Select the server you want to use Dyno Bot on.
  3. Click Continue to allow Dyno to access your Discord account.
  4. Once you’ve granted all the relevant permissions, choose the settings for your bot and click Next.
  5. Repeat the process for the next two screens—Dyno Bot will be added to your server.
  6. In Discord, to set up a dedicated channel for your deletion logs, click the small arrow next to Text Channels.
  7. Give your channel a name, toggle Private Channel to On, and click Next
    delete pic
  8. Include Dyno as a member, but don’t add anyone else unless you want them to be able to see the deleted messages too.
  9. Click Create Channel to add your new channel to your server.
  10. Return to the Dyno website and click Manage Servers.
  11. Select the relevant server and click the small arrow icon next to Modules.
  12. Select Action Log.
    action log
  13. Set the Log Channel to the channel you just created in Discord.
  14. Scroll down to Message Events and check Message Delete, Image Delete, and Bulk Message Delete.
  15. Now that your Action Log is set up, any time a message is deleted from your server you will receive a message in your private channel. This will include the content of the deleted message.
  16. The same will also apply to deleted images.

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Take a Screenshot to See Discord DM Deleted Messages

One of the obvious ways to see deleted messages is to take a screenshot of that message on Discord that you think is important and will be deleted. For that, you can use the screenshot feature of your PC or mobile and save it where you feel like it.


  1. How to take a Screenshot on iPhone?
  2. How to take a Screenshot on Android?

Final Words

There is no direct way to recover Discord messages since Discord since the chat history is permanently deleted from the server. But if you have the right third-party application, you can recover Discord messages right away. We hope you get to know How to See Deleted Discord Messages, and if you have any questions, just let us know in the comment section.


Can You Report a Deleted Message on Discord?

Taking action to report a deleted message on Discord is only possible if you act promptly. To report a message, it’s important to have proof, which can come in the form of a screenshot. Once you have all the necessary information, you can report the message to the Discord team for appropriate action. It’s important to act quickly to ensure that the content is properly reviewed and addressed.

Can the creators of Discord servers see deleted messages?

When a user deletes a message on Discord, it becomes inaccessible to everyone, including the server owner. Deleting a message on Discord is equivalent to “unsending” it, and it cannot be viewed by anyone once it has been deleted. This also applies to the user who sent the message; they will not be able to view the deleted message on Discord


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