Which PC Parts Are Okay to Buy Used? Is it Worth it?

Gamers and tech enthusiasts are always looking to enhance their gaming experience, and you can stay ahead by purchasing used PC parts.

Hardcore gamers are always looking to build a gaming PC with the best tech they can find to match the hardware requirements. That’s the beauty of PC gaming compared to console gaming: you can easily upgrade parts without purchasing the whole unit. But sometimes, these parts can get quite expensive and may not suit your budget.

Nevertheless, you can always buy used parts from PC builders looking to upgrade and willing to sell their used parts on eBay, like RAM or processors, for a reasonable price. You can save a couple of hundred bucks by getting the same thing that runs your favorite games and handles multitasking.

But is it worth it? In this article, we will discuss which PC parts are okay to buy used and if it’s worth it. We will also share some factors you must consider while buying those parts to ensure you’re getting the right thing for the right price.

6 PC Parts That Are Okay to Buy Used

Here we have enlisted some PC parts that are okay to buy, even since they perform as well as new parts. However, consider the essential factors with each part before purchasing them right away.

1. Processor

Processor for PC Parts

The first part on our list is the processor, and you might wonder if there is too much to risk in purchasing a used CPU since it’s the brain of a PC. But that’s not the case, as the CPU is also the most looked after part of a gaming PC with the thermal paste and cooling fans that ensure maintaining its temperature.

If the CPU takes too much stress, the system automatically shuts down to prevent hardware damage from PC overheating. Gamers also overclock or underclock the processor to vary its efficiency and condition, thus depending on how well the processor’s cooling system is maintained. The CPUs are built to last, and you won’t experience any issues even if you purchase one that’s a few years old.

Important Factors to Consider

2. CPU Case

Used PC Case

Now let’s get to the part which genuinely does not make a difference whether you buy it brand new or used. New PC cases with RGB setups are quite expensive; you can buy used ones for almost half the price. Just ensure the CPU case is not bent or damaged from any side. The size of the PC case would depend on the hardware, so check the following factors.

Important Factors to Consider

  • While purchasing a PC case, ensure enough space to fit your components like motherboard, power supply, and graphics unit.
  • Check the number of cooler intakes and fans to see if there is enough ventilation or space for the cooling setup, whether you’re going for liquid or air cooling.
  • Check the number of ports for USB and other accessory attachments related to front panel cables.

3. RAM (Memory)

Used RAM Sticks PC Parts

RAM, or as we may call it, the memory of your computer system, is another essential part that contributes to enhancing gaming performance. Luckily, if you want to save some extra bucks, you should buy RAM since they don’t wear out that easily. Moreover, the amount of RAM has increased in recent years; therefore, buying a used one is a wise choice to fill that gap.

Important Factors to Consider

4. Monitor

Used PC Monitor

The display screen remains the same for quality as long as there are no dead spots in them. New gaming monitors are costly compared to the used ones, and you can save up to 70% by purchasing a second-hand monitor.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Check for any black spots or dark shades on the screen by testing it against a white background.
  • Make sure there are no bruises or dents on the screen.
  • Check for the maximum resolution and refresh rate to find a suitable gaming resolution. A 60Hz monitor with 1080p is the most common and economical option in the market.

5. Mouse/Keyboard

Used Gaming PC Mouse and Keyboard

A BIT difficult to find a good deal! I’d not do this personally…

Buying a new mouse or keyboard can cost you a fortune and might hurt your wallet. Therefore, you can always reach the PC building communities online to find the best deals on used gaming products for nearly half the price.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Check for the ones saying “rarely used”
  • Make sure that all the keys work perfectly on the keyboard and mouse.
  • If you’re going for a mechanical keyboard, ensure all the switches work perfectly.
  • Hover the mouse around to check the DPI settings and see if it lacks motion responsiveness.

6. Cooling Fans

Used Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are pretty much the same as long as they’re clean. You can buy the simple cooler fans or the RGB ones if you want something fancy. Sometimes these cooling fans may come pre-installed in the casing.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Check the cooler’s physical condition to see if any fins are broken, and fans are loose.
  • Make sure that the fans are working and the wiring is adequately insulated.
  • Use software to check if the coolers reach the maximum speed.

Is it Worth Buying Second-Hand PC Parts?

There are advantages and disadvantages of buying second-hand parts, so here we have summarized both factors to decide if you think it’ll be worth purchasing used parts for your next ultimate PC build.

Advantages of Buying Used PC Parts

Here we hit have enlisted 5 reasons why you should buy second-hand PC parts to get the same benefits as their new ones.

  1. Getting used parts can save around 50 to 70 percent of the original price.
  2. If by any chance you decide to upgrade your PC’s particular component, it won’t hurt your wallet.
  3. Purchasing used PC parts is much like a guarantee to learn about their compatibility with the rest of the setup.
  4. If you purchase used parts in mint condition and manage to retain their condition, you can resell them for almost the same price in case if you plan to upgrade later.
  5. Purchasing used parts is like contributing to the environment since you’re saving them from getting recycled or disposed off.

Disadvantages of Buying Used PC Parts

Where you enjoy all the positives of buying used parts, some downsides are mentioned below to remain precautious.

  1. The worst thing about buying used PC parts is that you won’t get warranties. If you’re lucky, someone still might sell you something under warranty. But it may not do you much good since the purchase won’t be under your name. It can vary depending on the manufacturer’s policy.
  2. Buying used parts is risky and may require more than a couple of hours to check the parts thoroughly. For example, a processor benchmark can require time to complete the stress test. Other parts, like PC cases or fan coolers, may not require thorough checking.

Final Words

It is common among PC-building communities to buy used parts for their computer systems, especially when building a mid-range gaming PC. Gamers on a budget should always research how to check PC components before deciding to put them together. It’s a combination of knowledge and experience that can help you to save some bucks while enjoying the process.


Which PC Parts Shouldn’t be Bought Second Hand?

It’s recommended not to buy a used Graphics card (GPU), Power supply (PSU), and motherboard. The graphics cards are the most risky component to purchase in used condition since they are commonly used in cryptocurrency mining, reducing their lifespan.

How is Old Processor Good to Buy Second Hand?

Depending on the workload stress history, a processor may perform well for 3 to 6 years.

Can I run my PC 24×7?

It is not recommended to run your PC constantly for days since the constant overheating and cooling cycles can reduce the components and the lifespan. This practice has remained common in cryptocurrency mining and ruins the GPU faster than any other component.


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