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How to Subscript & Superscript in Word

Superscripts and subscripts are just other special characters that appear slightly below or above the normal baseline. These are mostly used in mathematical or chemical examples and formulae. For instance, E=mc2 ORH2O. Microsoft Word makes it easy to include the subscript or superscript text in your documents. Below are the following steps to create subscript […]

IMS Service Has Stopped

“Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” on Android You may see this error message pop up on your Samsung phone? You would have wondered What does IMS service stopped mean? Is IMS safe? And How to fix it? What’s IMS Service? IMS is a general-purpose, open industry standard for voices and multimedia communications over packet-based IP […]

Spotify Keeps Pausing Music Randomly

Spotify Keeps Pausing Music, randomly on PC/Android/iOS? We all get frustrated when the music stops in the middle and I realize it destroys the mood of a listener: by pressing the play button, again and again, making the rhythm break. But not to worry guys, the Spotify pausing issue is a very general issue on all […]

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