How to Check What Motherboard Do I Have? (Windows 10/11)

Are you looking to connect extra fans with your motherboard or wish to check which CPU is compatible with your motherboard? Choosing the right motherboard is crucial in both cases, which leaves you wondering ‘What motherboard do I have?’ Well, it’s pretty easy to check the manufacturer and model of your motherboard, and we are going to show you how to do it by following a few easy methods. So let’s get started!

Method #1: Check Motherboard from the System Information on Windows

The best way to check your PC’s motherboard make and model is by accessing the System Information option on Windows 10 and 11. Here is how to do it.

  1. Go to the Start Menu on your PC and type ‘System Information.’
    System Information on Windows 11
  2. Press the Enter key to open the System Information panel.
  3. Navigate to the right side panel in the ‘System Summary’ tab.
  4. Below the ‘Item’ and ‘Value’ categories, you will find the BaseBoard manufacturer and product.
    Checking Motherboard from System Information
  5. The BaseBoard manufacturer is your motherboard manufacturing company and the BaseBoard product would be the model of your motherboard.

For some reason, the System Information panel may not show complete information regarding your motherboard. You may have to follow the next method to get a proper look at your motherboard’s make and model.

Method #2: Checking Motherboard from a Third-Party Software

There is third-party software that provides you with all the necessary information about your PC’s hardware on a single panel. Our recommendation is the CPU-Z software, which is available online for free. You can download and install CPU-Z on your PC. Then run the software, and it will display all the information regarding your motherboard in the ‘Mainboard’ section as featured below.

Checking Motherboard via CPU-Z

Method #3: Check Motherboard via Command Prompt

Another way to check the make and model of your PC’s motherboard is by using the Command Prompt following these steps.

  1. Press WIN+R key and type CMD.
    Running Command Prompt
  2. Press the Enter key to run the Command Prompt.
  3. Type ‘wmic baseboard get Manufacturer‘ command to check the vendor of your PC’s motherboard.
  4. Type ‘wmic baseboard get product‘ command to check the model of your PC’s motherboard.
    Checking Motherboard make and model from CMD

Method #4: Take a Look Directly at the Motherboard

To find what motherboard you have, you can take a look at the motherboard to find the make and model displayed on it. Here is an example of a manufacturer’s name, and the model typically appears on the motherboard.

Motherboard's make and model featured on the the board

As you can see in the image featured above, the motherboard’s manufacturer and model are mentioned on the board. This is the easiest way to check which motherboard you have if you have purchased a pre-built PC.

Popular Motherboard Manufacturers

Whether you are using your PC as a workstation or as a gaming rig, you might come across these famous motherboard manufacturers.

  1. Biostar
  2. MSI
  3. Gigabyte
  4. ASUS
  5. ASRock

Famous Motherboard Models for Gaming

Below we have mentioned some of the most common motherboard chipsets that are manufactured by various vendors.

  1. B360
  2. H370
  3. Z370
  4. Z390
  5. B450
  6. X470
  7. B550
  8. X570
  9. X670
  10. Z690
  11. Z790
  12. B650


Does Windows 10 tell me what motherboard I have?

Yes, you can access System Information from the Windows Tools to check what motherboard you have via Windows 10.

How to Check What Motherboard do I have from BIOS?

After entering the system BIOS, navigate through the menu to find ‘System Information’ or ‘Main’ tab using the arrow keys. Here, you will find the System Model or Motherboard model option that shows the make and model.


Finding what motherboard you have in your PC can help you make the right upgrades without having any compatibility issues. Knowing the right motherboard model is vital if you are looking to install a new GPU or wish to install a new CPU. With the methods mentioned in this article, you can easily learn about the make and model of your PC’s motherboard right away.


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