Learn hardware easily in the most fun way!

Want to know more about your PC, Phone, Printer or anything? Get this app and discover components that you didn’t know existed.


Special features

Innovative way to learn and understand products you use daily.

Many Options

From PC's and Phones to Keyboards, & Speakers.


Your own profile with your saved parts & comparisons.

Skeleton View

A different view with giving a more raw look.


Compare any two products of your choice.

iPhone X, XS, 11 Pro ÔÇô 11@3x_iphonexspacegrey_portrait


Minimalistic app focused on learning.

Android and iOS

Download it on your iPhone or your Android.

Good performance

Experience lag and ad free mobile application.

Offline work

Save components to view later even without internet.

Made for everyone

Whether you are just starting to learn or you want to learn more about specific components. This application has been been made to suit everyone.



Well explained guides on our website’s as well.


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Areas of the app where you would be interacting most of the time.

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