Best Games to Play on Asus ROG Ally in Short Bursts

ROG Ally is the type of handheld gaming console that can run any game, from AAA titles to CPU-intensive games across multiplayer and co-op categories as well. But sometimes, you’re running short on time and have to squeeze in your gameplay within 15 to 20 minutes of the time bracket.

Therefore, we have brought a unique collection of games for you to play on Asus ROG Ally in short bursts. This collection consists of retro and indie games as well, which will give you a unique experience during little moments without getting full of the fun that it offers.

Rocket League

If I had to choose my own favorite bite-sized game, it would be Rocket League. If you’ve missed Rocket League all these years, it’s as easy as cars playing soccer. That’s all you need to know. Most matches run 5-7 minutes, so I can jump in, play a game, and then go. Have a little more time? Sure, play another bout. Just don’t become addicted; otherwise, you’ll find an hour has passed, and the maître d’ has given your table to someone else.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is a challenging game despite its attractive visuals and friendly disposition. In this 2D platformer, you travel randomly created tunnels filled with creatures and wealth, and each time you die – which occurs frequently — the cave moves, and you begin again. To progress through each level, you must rely on talent and deliberate strategy rather than memorization and repetition. This makes it ideal for short bursts; also, after 3 minutes, a ghost appears to torment you in an attempt to keep the game going.


Minit is the ideal game for this type of quick-round gameplay. Imagine a typical top-down Zelda game with a unique twist: after sixty seconds, you die and return to the beginning area. Items you gather will remain with you, and you may unlock additional respawn places across the planet, but your objective is to do as much as possible in 60-second spurts. So, whether you have fifteen or five minutes to play, you can always make some progress.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is one of those games that is so creative, distinct, and addicting that it has inspired its own sub-genre. In Vampire Survivors, you only control the movement of a character as they fight against swarms of foes in massive waves.

As you fight them, you collect experience that you may spend to buy new weapons (that automatically attack as you walk) and attempt to remain alive as long as possible. While rounds may go up to 15 minutes, they are significantly shorter in the early stage, providing a good balance of action and game duration.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater holds a particular nostalgic place in my heart. I spent countless hours playing these games in high school, and I’m not afraid to confess that, as a result, I wanted to be a skater, period. And, as fate would have it, I recently acquired a ROG Ally, a remastered package of the original two PC games, which works flawlessly on the handheld. Furthermore, each session lasts only two minutes, making it an ideal grab-and-go game for those with limited time.

Stardew Valley

I’m starting to believe that Stardew Valley will be one of our most often suggested titles on the Ally. It appears to satisfy so many needs: it’s soothing but fascinating, open-ended with enough to do, and you may devote hours to it or complete one in-game day in less than 15 minutes. Have some time while you wait for the bus? Monitor your crops in Stardew. Are you waiting for your roommate to stop hogging the shower? Get some fish in Stardew.

The Superhot Series

Superhot is a first-person shooter that also works as an engaging puzzle game. In Superhot and its sequels, Superhot VR and Superhot: Mind Control Delete, you are thrust into a seemingly no-win situation, with enemies preparing to shoot you down in seconds.

But you have a trick up your sleeve: time only moves when you do, giving you plenty of time to explore the area for ways to rapidly murder your foes, whether with a rifle or a bat. Superhot moves surprisingly swiftly for a game where time frequently pauses and slows, making it excellent for both quick rounds and lengthy playthroughs.

Street Fighter 6

Almost every fighting game meets the bite-sized criteria since you can simply hop into a single match for a few minutes at a time. However, our staff is now unable to quit playing Street Fighter 6.

This contemporary take on the classic genre adds substantial complexity with an impressive 18-character roster and new features that keep things interesting. Whether you want to test your skills against others online or go through the single-player narrative mode, this is a terrific pick for fast rounds or hour-long sessions.

Slay the Spire

Combine a roguelike dungeon crawler with card-collecting and deck-building, and you’ve got your new obsession. While Slay the Spire may be played in longer periods, each combat only lasts a few minutes, allowing you to simply hop in, knock down an adversary or two, and exit as time permits. Just be careful because once you get started, you might not want to stop.


Wreckfest fits in very well, like any other racing game to play for a short while, establishing a mix between intricate driving mechanics and ridiculously exciting demolition. It’s ideal for an hour-long workout or a brief sprint while sitting on the can.


Playing games on ROG Ally in short bursts gets you through the boredom anywhere, anytime. The feasibility of carrying a portable gaming PC gives you the freedom to enjoy games more feasibly. We hope our collection of the best games to play on ROG Ally in short bursts will get you through boredom in those short gaming sessions.


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