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🧠 Science Behind Our Killer PC Builds

Our AI builder crafts PC builds that take your gaming experience to the next level. We carefully select each component from top brands to ensure that your PC not only looks amazing but performs like a champ. 

We’ll consider your budget, gaming needs, and plans to create a build that’s perfect for you. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Our PC builder uses an advanced compatibility algorithm to ensure that all recommended parts are compatible with each other, saving you time and hassle during the building process.

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A well-built and easy to use app. Perfect for getting PC according to the requirements. Recommended!

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Usama MehmoodPlaystore User

Nice app. Very nice and a simple clean look that’s easy on the eyes. It’s great as you can select the games you want to play and it will choose the best parts for it. Definitely recommend.

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Seion CPlaystore User

The app itself is really solid and the best part is that you can pick your favorite games before searching for the components.

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Switch thorns and rosesPlaystore User

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What is TCG PC builder about?

Our PC builder app is a tool that helps you create the perfect gaming PC tailored to your specific needs and budget in accordance with your favorite games. It’s recommended that the PC builder should be used with games as it’s specifically designed to be according to games.

Does the PC builder come with step-by-step instructions on how to build a PC?

Yes, you will have an onboarding where you will be instructed to select games for the PC Builds to be generated. 

Can I buy the PC components directly through the app?

We do not sell PC components directly through the app, but we provide links (affiliate) to trusted online retailers(mostly amazon) where you can purchase the recommended components.

Is the PC builder app free?

Yes, the PC builder app is completely free to use.

Does the PC builder app work on all operating systems?

Our web app is available for Windows, macOS, and TCG PC Builder mobile app is available on Appstore and Play Store.

What makes your PC builder different from competitors like Newegg, PCPartPicker, and Build Cores?

Our PC builder is unique in that it is designed specifically for gamers, with a focus on optimizing builds for top game performance. Our extensive catalog of 5000+ top games from Steam ensures that every build we recommend is tailored to your gaming needs.

How does your PC builder work?

Our PC builder uses a combination of expert knowledge and advanced algorithms to recommend the perfect PC build for you. Simply select your favorite games, and desired specifications, and our builder will generate a list of recommended builds for your ideal gaming rig.

How do you ensure that the PC parts recommended by your builder are compatible with each other?

Our PC builder uses an advanced compatibility algorithm to ensure that all recommended parts are compatible with each other, saving you time and hassle during the building process.

Can I save my recommended PC build for later?

Yes! Our PC builder allows you to save recommended builds to your account.

Can I use your PC builder to build a gaming laptop?

While our PC builder is currently focused on desktop builds, we are constantly expanding our offerings and hope to offer gaming laptop recommendations in the future.

How do you ensure the accuracy of your PC part recommendations?

Our team of expert builders and hardware enthusiasts are constantly updating our catalog of parts and testing new builds to ensure that our PC Part Picker’s recommendations are up-to-date and accurate.