Sony’s New PS5 Patent Will Emulate Temperature in Controller

With this innovatively improved haptic feedback feature, the DualSense controller is reaching another level with realistic gameplay.

Sony has legally registered a new patent with a new gel-like material, like a deformable elastic sensor, that will replace plastic to improve the haptic feedback in the new PlayStation controller.

The most exciting factor released in the patent document was the discussion of emulating temperature in the controllers. The idea is to reflect the hot or cold sensations displayed in the gameplay through the controllers using the new deformable sensors. For example, if you’re running in scorching heat while shooting your AR, your controller’s temperature will also increase. The same goes for cold sensations.

According to the released patent document, the PS5 controller will achieve this change in temperature with the help of a Peltier element that electrically shifts temperature. This sensation will deliver another level of immersion to make the gameplay more realistic and immersive. With the evolution of PlayStation controllers, achieving this type of innovation in a gaming controller sounds complicated but not impossible.

Fitting such technology inside a controller sounds ridiculous, as the manufacturer may have to take serious preventive measures. Suppose the temperature rises to a higher temperature level. It may affect the battery’s duration and lifespan. Moreover, there could be a danger of the battery exploding due to high temperature.

On the other hand, (literally) this fluctuation in temperature could make the gameplay experience a bit uncomfortable for many single-player PS5 games. What if you’re suffering from high fever and want to play God of War Ragnarok, which is set in most scenarios in chilling cold environments? All this modern technology and promise to bring immersive gameplay can make things madly expensive. Therefore, we can expect it to be twice the price of the DualSense Edge.


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