Mobile Gaming VS Handheld Gaming: Which One is Better?

Portable gaming is becoming more popular by the day, and mobile gaming VS handheld gaming raises the question of which is better.

Gaming communities are evolving towards more convenient types of gaming with handheld and mobile devices. The handheld gaming consoles are packing more powerful technology in a more compact form. They feature a d-pad style button configuration, joysticks, and ergonomic design with a look and feel similar to a handheld console’s controller.

On the other hand, we got high-end gaming smartphones with all the advanced RGB flashlights, cooling setups, and designs to support additional attachments. You can even attach additional triggers for a better look and feel. But is it better than the handheld console?

This article will discuss a detailed comparison of Mobile Gaming VS Handheld Gaming to see which is better for portable gaming. Both platforms will be compared based on several factors, most important for gaming on the go.

Mobile Gaming VS Handheld Gaming

Here we have stated a few factors to evaluate mobile and handheld gaming so you can find the optimal option that covers your gaming needs and style. So, let’s get started.

Control Diversity

The first and far most important factor to consider is the control setup. Now there is quite a difference when you’re touching a screen and pressing a button which makes the gameplay more immersive. So, let’s see how these 2 devices can deliver in terms of control diversity.

Handheld Gaming with joysticks

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming does not take advantage of button triggers, analog sticks, or D-pad controls, as you rely solely on tapping on the screen. Especially for combat shooting games, all the controls are on the screen, and you can barely focus on the gameplay as you have to deal with movements and trigger presses simultaneously. Even the gyroscope can rarely help you with movement, and the aim assist.

Handheld Gaming

Handheld gaming gives you complete control over games with a more realistic and immersive feel. Just like handheld consoles, you get analog sticks, button triggers, and D-pad controls to get a similar experience to Xbox or PlayStation.

Variety of Games

The variety of games available for a platform also defines its popularity in the gaming communities. Therefore, it is crucial to consider that while choosing your favorite platform.

Handheld Gaming Library on ROG Ally

Mobile Gaming

You can rarely find any pc or console games getting an extension for mobile. Mobile gaming has limited titles, and the storyline is not lengthy either. However, there is still an exception for games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City or Sanandreas, which progress the same for missions and side quests.

Handheld Gaming

The handheld console covers almost every game title currently available on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. Especially gaming consoles like Steam Deck supports the whole Steam games library on their handheld device. Still, if we talk about Steam Deck VS ASUS ROG Ally, the variety of games varies. In any case, every handheld console has more games available to play as compared to mobile.

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The next factor is gaming performance, which varies in temperature and gameplay fluency. It can vary based on the processor, graphics unit, or RAM type, so let’s see which device performs better in this case.

During performance on Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is not very reliable in terms of performance. You can always experience fluctuating frame rates, and graphics are mostly optimized according to the processor and GPU’s capability. The worst thing is the overheating issue which can be managed by attaching a dedicated cooling fan sold separately. However, it could make it difficult to handle the device since it makes the mobile bulkier. Plus, you have to bear the noise, and your teammates in multiplayer games may feel like you’re sitting on a jet engine.

Handheld Gaming

Handheld gaming is much better in terms of offering graphics quality and frame rates. You can easily achieve 60 to 120 stable frame rates. Handheld consoles come with GPU-integrated processors that perform stably. Moreover, handheld consoles are much better at managing heat. But still, 9/10 gamers chose PC over handheld since PC gaming is better than handheld gaming in performance.

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Screen Size

The display screen is highly considered in gaming to get the full experience. Mobile and handheld consoles may vary in size overall, but the screen quality could be different in the following ways.

Mobile Gaming and Handheld Gaming Size Comparison

Mobile Gaming

The touch screen size in mobile gaming varies from 6 to 9 inches, and it is perfectly fine for playing both since and multiplayer games. However, since you must also operate the touch controls, your thumbs or fingers covering the screen may reduce the field of vision. Such a gameplay processor may hinder your gaming experience. You get the advantage of FHD, 2K, and even 4K display with up to 144 Hz refresh rate.

Handheld Gaming

With handheld consoles, you get 7 to 8 inches of screen size, and nothing covers it, unlike the mobile’s touch screen. The control setup is all covered by the d-pad controls, triggers, and joysticks, so you get a complete view of the screen without any hindrance. Moreover, you also get the quality of an OLED screen. However, the quality may remain limited to FHD displays with up to 120Hz refresh rate, even with the best handheld consoles.

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Multiplayer Support

Most of the time, gamers go for a particular type of platform just because they have a social circle from the multiplayer games that are more in it. So, let’s see which type of gaming delivers a better experience.

Multiplayer Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

It’s true that with the upcoming games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG, multiplayer mobile gaming has become more famous. Still, when it comes to the comparison with mobile gaming, the community is pretty small, and you can find more PC gamers and handheld gamers than mobile gamers.

Handheld Gaming

Handheld gaming is like having a portable gaming PC in your hands. Many gamers in the e-sports culture are now switching to handheld consoles since they offer a similar experience as a mid-range gaming PC. Especially for multiplayer gaming, you can find a wide range of multiplayer games; some even support cross-platform multiplayer.

Which One is Better in Mobile Gaming VS Handheld Gaming?

In terms of performance, social competitiveness, and ergonomic gameplay experience, handheld gaming is superior to mobile gaming. The only factor that might compel you to still choose mobile gaming over handheld gaming is the community of gamers that you belong to. If there are more mobile gamers in your social circle, you’ll have to go for it to match their level of fair competitiveness.

Final Words

Handheld gaming is improving with the hardware advancement and awareness of e-sports gaming in the busy lifestyle of gamers who are always on the go. Gamers prefer to play their favorite AAA titles anywhere, anytime, without compromising quality. On the other hand, mobile gaming still got a long way to go to improve in design, performance, and control setup areas.


Does Mobile Gaming Offer Better Battery Life than Handheld Gaming?

Handheld gaming can give you a playtime of up to 3-4 hours consecutively. With mobile gaming, you’d still have to charge after 2 hours of consecutive gaming, which may also affect your phone’s battery health.

Will Mobile Gaming Replace PC Gaming?

No. A gaming PC is far superior and continuously upgradeable compared to mobile gaming, where you must buy a whole new device for better performance. With a gaming PC, you can always tweak performance and upgrade hardware without getting a whole new computer system.

Which type of Processor is Recommended for Mobile Gaming?

Snapdragon 700-series or 800-series are the minimum recommended processors for mobile gaming.


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