Best Casual Games on Asus ROG Ally for A Relaxing Time

Do you want to blow off some steam after a long, exhausting day? Grab your handheld gaming console and spare some time to play retro and classic games in a short burst. Here are some of the best casual games to play on Asus ROG Ally.


Allow the pleasant seclusion to begin as you enter Firewatch‘s stunning woodland surroundings. Playing as Henry, you start a new job as a fire lookout and quickly find yourself embroiled in a fascinating mystery. This is one of my top suggestions for spending time with your ROG Ally in handheld mode, surrounded by stunning scenery, distinctive voices, and amusing talks.

Dave the Diver

Dave the Diver may be one of the most unusual RPG adventures available, but it’s an incredible gem. Sometimes, all you need is a game to keep you entertained for a few hours without focusing too much on warfare. Descend below the ocean, uncover secret terrain, and improve your underwater fishing abilities to keep your clients satisfied on the surface. However, getting to know the characters and their amusing peculiarities during each cutscene is one of the game’s highlights.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a breathtaking nature trip, all contained within the ROG Ally. You enjoy the beauty of flying above trees and flowing streams while playing as Claire, a small bird that has to go to the hilltop for urgent news. I adore how this game immerses you in the surroundings with the many camera angles: when you squeeze between boulders, glide over snowy mountain summits, or speak with charming individuals, you’re constantly treated to a unique perspective.


Dredge is a fishing experience for individuals who appreciate a basic minigame but don’t want to cast a line repeatedly, as in some sims. In Dredge, your fishing, selling, and inventory management all contribute to uncovering new truths about the deep black sea. This game will keep you captivated as you learn about the strange individuals who live on the islands and delve further into what lies under the surface.

Night in the Woods

The plot is set in a little village adorned with fall hues, yet the weather is frigid as you begin a Night in the Woods. Mae has returned to her hometown after struggling to figure out her adult destiny, but she is experiencing some strange occurrences. Explore the town, speak with old friends and neighbors, and investigate Possum Springs to solve the mystery. While surrounded by the crisp, colorful leaves, you’ll be drawn into this novel, feeling passionately for the characters and experiencing an astonishingly realistic picture of life in your early twenties.

Strange Horticulture

In Strange Horticulture, you appear to be a typical plant store owner, but you are actually selling botanicals with magical (and sometimes hazardous) properties. Every day, you discover new plants and learn truths about the people you’re selling to, exposing a dark scheme behind the surface. Strange Horticulture is a fast game, but I was so invested that I played three times to see alternate endings.

Little Misfortune

In Little Misfortune, your actions are constantly followed by repercussions. This narrative-based game stands out since its tale isn’t very sweet. However, the comments from the main character, Misfortune, will have you laughing out loud. On a quest for perpetual pleasure, you follow a strange fox and accompany Misfortune throughout town, attempting to discover whether these occurrences are real or a product of her imagination. With exciting options and storyline twists, I recommend this as your next story game.


Prepare yourself, for this game will transport you to another universe. Starting alone, you must investigate if there is more than a lonely sandscape and no method to communicate with other people. That is until you meet someone who is just like you.

While Journey may be played entirely alone, it also includes an online multiplayer component in which you may encounter another person with the same abilities along the path. You may travel together and only speak via sound cues, resulting in a unique camaraderie as you go around and explore together.

Black Skylands

Black Skylands is a top-down shooter that provides a fun trip both in the air and on the ground. It’s simple: exact retribution on the merciless criminals, acquire resources, and conquer new territory! When you’re not fighting in the sky or battling foes on steep cliffs, there are ancient artifacts to unearth and several building and upgrading possibilities. Take your time farming crops for profit and exploring the vast world while settling into your new base.

LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builder’s Journey has this visually oriented narrative that is comforting and straightforward, making it a soothing way to unwind. In a similar spirit to the now-classic Monument Valley, you play as a youngster, followed by your parent, building your way through each challenge with LEGO bricks. Seeing those LEGOs come to life as you drag and click them into place is like hugging your youthful self.


Most players are not fond of playing stressful co-op and multiplayer games since they require too much focus and attention. Therefore, if you are just looking for a relaxing time, try the casual games on Asus ROG Ally to experience the addictive yet relaxing way to end your exhausting day.


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