Asus ROG Ally 323 BIOS Update Fixed Performance Issues!

Asus ROG Ally 323 BIOS update has fixed the most common issues users were reporting, and here are the improvements we’ve seen so far.

The update we’ve all been waiting for has fixed many issues observed ever since the launch of Asus ROG Ally. The new Asus ROG Ally BIOS 323 update has fixed almost all the concerns of players that made everything question if ROG Ally is worth buying.

Many users downgraded ROG Ally BIOS from 319 to 317 since the last BIOS update. That update caused serious battery-draining issues and significantly reduced performance while overheating the console.

Whether you have avoided the 319 BIOS update, we suggest you update the ROG Ally firmware to the latest software update, as the Asus ROG Ally 323 BIOS update has fixed everything for you. This article will discuss everything included in the latest Asus ROG Ally BIOS update.

What’s New in the Asus ROG Ally 323 BIOS Update?

Here is the complete update log list of the fixes and improvements we have observed after updating the Asus ROG Ally BIOS 323 firmware.

Brightness Level Adjustment

Brightness level on Asus ROG Ally

The new ROG Ally BIOS update has set the lowest brightness level to 10 nits instead of 25 nits. So, if you’re fond of playing games in dark environments, your eyes won’t burn as you can reduce the light intensity to lower levels.

Enhanced Plugged-in Performance

25W Power Output on ROG Ally

Many players had complained that they only received 25W of maximum performance on ROG Ally even when it’s plugged in. But now you can get up to 30W of power with the 65W charger or the Type-C hub charging support.

Default Memory Assigned GPU

Asus ROG Ally 323 BIOS Update VRAM Level Remain Unchanged

The memory assigned to GPU on ROG Ally is used to reset to default levels each time after updating the ROG Ally firmware. But in the future, from the 323 version and so on, the VRAM memory allocation will not roll back to default settings and hence remain unchanged according to your adjustments.

Optimized Performance Mode

Performance Mode on Asus ROG Ally

The most awaited thing from Asus was the performance optimization on ROG Ally, and this time, they’ve heard the players. The new BIOS update has significantly improved the Performance profile in the operating mode on ROG Ally for better-preset settings, which is now well-optimized for gaming.

Final Words

The new Asus ROG Ally 323 BIOS update brought many changes. Hopefully, the remaining performance concerns will also be fixed to make ROG Ally the best handheld gaming console. If you’re suffering from any issues with ROG Ally, mention them in the comments so they can be addressed in the community!


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