Best Operating Mode for Optimized Gaming on Asus ROG Ally

Is your Asus ROG Ally constantly overheating on Turbo Mode? Try these settings to create the best operating mode for optimized gaming.

Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming console has an efficient processor and graphics power. But you know how they say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Now if you try to get the maximum potential of ROG Ally, it will overheat for sure and even crash without any warnings.

On the other hand, it’s not acceptable for gamers like us to compromise on 30 to 45 FPS after spending over $700. Therefore, we have discovered the recommended settings for setting the best operating mode by manually making some tweaks. These settings will smoothly run all AAA games on ROG Ally without turning it into a stove.

Customizing Operating Mode for Best Performance on Asus ROG Ally

We will progress by accessing a custom gaming profile for manual settings to set Asus ROG Ally on an optimal level where it maintains performance without affecting the temperature.

Armoury Crate SE lets you play with all the settings, including VRAM allocation and CPU performance, for a personalized gaming experience. You can access these options by going to Settings > Operating Mode and then applying the changes mentioned below to optimize ROG Ally.

Under the CPU tab, you will find three different options SPL, SPPT, and FPPT. All of them should be set to 30W instead of the full 53W potential. It is necessary because when you plug in the gaming console, it will automatically revert to 30W after a short period.

Overclocking CPU on Asus ROG Ally

Secondly, you must create a custom profile for a DC battery with a 20W power output. With these settings, you can set the fan curves to a less aggressive level for enjoying a peaceful gaming experience. Tap the 1,2, or 3 profiles for each fan to set the curves as shown below.

Setting Fan Curves on Asus ROG Ally

The peak temps on this custom operating mode profile would be 60 to 70 Celsius, significantly lower than what you might experience on default settings. You can apply this operating mode on the custom game profile or, better yet, the universal game profile to see the difference.

Final Words

Handheld gaming consoles do come with the convenience of portability. But if your console is overheating to 95 Celsius or above, it’s nearly impossible to hold it. With the custom operating mode settings mentioned in this article, you will get the best performance without overheating your console. Hopefully, our guidelines were helpful enough to elevate your gaming experience.


Is it Better to Set All Fans to the Same Fan Curves?

There is no secret sauce to a perfect fan curve. It all depends on your usability. However, we recommend setting all fan curves at the same levels on ROG Ally for more balanced airflow.

Is there a Cooling Accessory for Asus ROG Ally?

Asus makes cooling accessories for gaming phones, but no such cooling aid has yet been released for ROG Ally.

How Much Faster is ROG Ally than Other Handheld Gaming Consoles?

As compared to Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, Asus ROG Ally is over 50% faster in performance.


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