How to Downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally? From 319 to 317

Have you suddenly experienced poor gaming performance after software updates? Then downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally to fix things.

Software updates are supposed to improve things, and the same should be true for the Asus ROG Ally BIOS. However, the recent 319 BIOS update on Asus ROG Ally has significantly affected its performance with battery draining battery issues and CPU power optimization. So how do we fix it?

Fortunately, there is a way out of this, as you can downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally by downloading the previous version from their official support website. We have mentioned how you can easily downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally by following a few easy steps.

Step #1: Preparing USB to Downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally

  1. Go to the Asus Support Website and download the BIOS version 317 from the ‘BIOS & Firmware’ tab.
    Downloading BIOS 317 for Asus ROG Ally
  2. Open the folder where the BIOS file has been downloaded and open the zip folder to extract the file we need for installing BIOS.
  3. Using a USB-A to USB-C cable, plug in a portable flash drive in Asus ROG Ally.
  4. Right-click on this PC’s portable flash drive name and select ‘Format.’Formatting USB on Asus ROG Ally
  5. Set the File System to FAT 32 and select ‘Start’ to begin formatting.
  6. Copy the ROG Ally BIOS file you extracted earlier, and make sure you copy the original file, not the .zip folder.

Step #2: Installing BIOS on Asus ROG Ally

Before you downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally, ensure the console is fully charged to the installation process and not affected during any stage.

  1. Shut down Asus ROG Ally and make sure it’s completely turned OFF.Opening BIOS on Asus ROG Ally
  2. Press the Power Button, and when you feel the vibration. Then leave the power button and press & hold the volume down button (-) until you land on the BIOS screen.
    ROG Ally BIOS Screen
  3. With the help of the navigation buttons, go to the Advanced tab and press the ‘A’ button to select ASUS EZ Flash 3 Utility.
    Accessing Flash Drive to Downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally
  4. Find your USB flash drive based on the storage capacity from the list. For example, we are using the 8 GB flash drive for installing downgrade BIOS on Asus ROG Ally, so we selected the fas1: \[7558MB] from the list.
    Downgrading BIOS on Asus ROG Ally
  5. After selecting your USB, you will find the BIOS file RC71LAS.317. Move the cursor on the file and press the button ‘A’ to open the file, and select ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  6. Now the console will reboot the begin downgrading the BIOS.
    BIOS Installation on Asus ROG Ally

This process can take up to 5 to 6 minutes. Ensure not to touch any button and leave the console until it automatically prompts to the Windows screen. You can log in to Asus ROG Ally and use the downgraded version.

Final Words

Many gamers must have already upgraded to the 319 BIOS considering improvements and fixing in mind. But unfortunately, the upgrade turned out to negatively impact the console. Therefore, you can always downgrade to the older version by following the steps mentioned in this article to enjoy the best gaming experience.


How to Stop Auto-Update BIOS on Asus ROG Ally?

To stop auto-update BIOS on Asus ROG Ally, open the Windows Mode and go to Device Manager. Select the Firmware tab and right-click on it. Select ‘Disable Device’ and tap to select ‘Yes’ to stop BIOS from auto-updating.

Which is the Current Latest Version of BIOS for Asus ROG Ally?

Asus has released a new ASUS EZ Flash Utility version 323 for performance optimization.

Can You Install BIOS via SD card on Asus ROG Ally?

It’s not recommended to install BIOS via SD card on Asus ROG Ally as it may have slow downloading and writing speeds as compared to a flash drive.


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