12 Asus ROG Ally Free Games in 2024!

The best thing about the Windows operating system is that you can access an extensive range of games for free. And no, we’re not talking about cracked or modded versions here. We’re talking about the ones that are official Asus ROG Ally free games to play!

The support from Xbox games and Steam’s gaming library makes Asus ROG Ally a hub for a wide variety of games. Therefore, we have compiled a complete list of Asus ROG Ally free games!

1. Apex Legends

The top one on our list is the Apex Legends and probably the most predictable one. Apex Legends has bagged various nominations and awards to become one of the favorite games worldwide between 2019 and 2021. The hero system introduced in the game skyrocketed its popularity since the players loved its collaboration, and hence it has been extended to a pool of 25 different characters.

Unlike a typical battle royal style game, the game offers a unique immersive, yet satisfactory experience with all the special effects and smooth movement mechanics. The best thing about Apex Legends is that it is well-optimized for Asus ROG Ally, just like its performance on a gaming PC. So, you won’t need to set your console on maximum performance for stable frame rates. Playing with your friends is a real treat, and you can download it for free!

2. Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

We can confidently say that Call of Duty is one of those titles that initiated the first-person shooter genre, and the franchise has contributed to it for decades. This time, the modern-day battle royale-style Call of Duty Warzone is like PUBG on steroids. The new DMZ extraction-based mod is a new addition to the game with a more casual gameplay style but with the good old looting concept.

The Call of Duty Warzone is free to download; you don’t have to buy a standalone game. We believe it can be the best FPS game to play on Asus ROG Ally in 2024 for its compatibility with Ally’s control setup. The game did have some optimization issues on PC at first. However, with some extra GPU power, you can get pretty decent performance on Asus ROG Ally.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is another classic first-person shooter that lives in the heart of every FPS fan. This game has been a true classic with a record-breaking number of active players and still holds recognition. With a sequel on the way and its new-age graphics concept, the Counter Strike Global Offensive has returned to hold its glory on modern-day gaming consoles like Asus ROG Ally.

Counter Strike Global Offensive, better known as CS: GO, has relatively improved in this remastered version. But the gameplay concept remains old, where you start with a pistol and make it all the way to plant the bomb while fighting off terrorists. Download the game for free now and test your first-person shooter skills with no scope shooting. Hence you can still enjoy this game to play on ROG Ally in 2024.

4. Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2 Lightfall is probably one of the major releases of 2023 which is still worth playing 2024, bringing a unique sense of gameplay with its new loadout system and upgraded subclass concept. Destiny 2 Lightfall extends the storyline of the light left in the universe and portrays a glimpse of the near future of the Solar System.

This first-person multiplayer shooter will take you on a space adventure where you can explore different planets, fight with aliens, and raid loots with fresh weapons. And whenever you’re done playing against the storyline AI, you can switch to a friendly match against other players in PVP mode. Surprisingly the game is free to download, and you can play Destiny 2 Lightfall on Asus ROG Ally for free!

5. Fall Guys

Guys will be the perfect game if you’re more into classic indie-style games with a touch of 3D effect which is worth playing on ROG Ally in 2024. The game can keep you hooked whether you want to play for minutes or hours. A unique thing about this game is its vibrant color scheme of environment and characters which makes it more fun.

Fall Guys is free to play on Asus ROG Ally, and the console can run this game like a boss. You can play in different environments featuring cutthroat or casual, where players constantly try to take out each other. With the creative mode, you can make custom maps and never get bored of the game’s environment.

6. Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that probably needs no introduction. Players of all ages have at least once played Fortnite to compete against each other in the massive battle royale. The unique thing about this game is its style and mixture of pop culture in a shooting game.

Have a Play Fortnite became a famous phrase recently, and this game took over almost every platform. Similarly, you can now play Fortnite on Asus ROG Ally for free, so hop on the bus with your friends anytime in 2024.

7. Final Fantasy XIV

The name of this game pretty much defines what it has to offer. Final Fantasy XIV is the best way of getting lost in a new realm that seems the opposite of the real world. The game has been around for a few decades, and the new XIV offers a magical and colorful, vivid world filled with action.

Like the PC version, Final Fantasy XIV is free to download is one of many Asus ROG Ally free games, and it offers all the epic multiplayer RPG, boss battles, and character classes like its PC version. It’s one of the Asus ROG Ally free games to play in 2024 until level 60. Plus, the game constantly gets expansions, so you’ll never get bored.

8. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is another popular franchise that is a real treat for anime fans. This game offers a delightful, vivid, and complex RPG action set in a fantasy-based world. Genshin Impact has treasure chests to loot, quests to complete, and monsters to fight.

Genshin Impact is free to play yet another one of Asus ROG Ally free games in 2024, and it’s filled with content that can keep you hooked for hundreds of hours. The combat system allows you to switch between multiple characters and use their efficiencies to defeat your enemies seamlessly.

9. Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite is a unique game offering a two-part strategy, much like the Call of Duty games. You can go for the paid campaign mode if you’re more into the storyline. However, the multiplayer of Halo Infinite is Asus ROG Ally free game to play, and that’s what the game is famously known for.

This game offers a unique multiplayer arena shooting experience that provides a satisfying combat experience as one of the Asus ROG Ally free games to play in 2024. The customization options and active players have led to the development of over a million community-built maps that can keep you hooked with unique content for not days but years.

10. Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)

Players Unknown Battle Ground, or PUBG, is probably the most famous multiplayer game for portable devices. PUBG has overtaken both mobile and handheld gaming devices. Even though it wasn’t the first battle royale, the game still raised a sense of competitiveness among millions of new players.

The reason why PUBG’s fame skyrocketed was because it was available on every platform for free. However, the PC players got a better graphics experience than the mobile players. The game could’ve earned more recognition if it had cross-platform support. Still, it is an addictive yet amazing multiplayer game you and your friends would love to play. This game is also one of many Asus ROG Ally free games to play in 2024 that you can enjoy with friends.

11. Rocket League

Rocket League is like a combination of NASCAR and FIFA, which has been tempting for being free-to-play since 2020 and its worth playing on ROG Ally in 2024. The game will keep you hooked for hours as you kick, tackle, and score goals while demonstrating your driving skills. If you’re fond of playing the game with your friends, dock ROG Ally to a larger display and get to play a tournament of your own.

Rocket League would seem more fun to play on Asus ROG Ally as you get the same gameplay and graphics experience as the PC. The customization and exploration are much more fun, and the gameplay itself is very indulging, even if you’re playing for the first time. Therefore, we’d give it a huge thumbs up to try for sure.

12. Warframe

After spending 10 years in development, the Warframe seems like a game worth the wait. This free-to-play action role-play game offers a blend of various genres, which also became a reason for its massive hit.

Warframe is set in an alternative future, just like Destiny 2. But instead of aliens, you’ll fight robots, zombies, and various creatures. The game is a real treat for those who love to get indulge in FPS, stealth, and RPG experience with a medieval warfare touch. Overall, it’s a great recommendation to keep you hooked on the games and their upcoming DLCs.

Final Words

The options for Asus ROG Ally free games are never-ending, which is uncommon in a handheld gaming console. All of these free games are worth playing on ROG Ally in 2024. Windows compatibility makes running almost every PC game easier without any compatibility issues. If you have better suggestions, share your recommendations in the comments.


Does Asus ROG Ally Run Nintendo Switch Games?

Yes, you can play Nintendo Switch games on Asus ROG Ally via an emulator for the handheld console.

Does ROG Ally have a Line of Exclusive Games for it?

No, Asus ROG Ally supports games from Steam and Xbox Game Pass. Hence it does not have any exclusive titles lodged to its name.

Can You Install Cracked Games on Asus ROG Ally?

You can install cracked games on Asus ROG Ally, but we do not recommend it as Windows Defender may not allow it.


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