PS5 Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi? And wondering how you’ll now even play your favorite multiplayer games?

I know how it’s like buying a new PS5 and having no internet is more like worthless


you don’t need to worry because it’s not a big problem and it’s solvable.

It could be due to multiple reasons and all possible reasons and their solutions are listed below only for you.

But before going down here are some answers to your questions you would be thinking:

Why is my PS5 not connecting to WiFi?

The possible reasons your PS5 isn’t getting connected to Wi-Fi are:

  1. The Play Station Network (PSN) is Down
  2. There are issues with your internet/router
  3. DNS Settings on PS5 haven’t been properly configured

Can’t connect to WiFi within time limits ps5?

It means the server is taking too long to respond to a request for data from another device.

Why is my PS5 not connecting to Internet?

It revolves around the DNS settings so try changing them or move your router close to your console.

PS5 Not Turning On?

Solution 1: Check if the Play Station Network (PSN) is Down?

If you think your internet connection is working properly then PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi might be due to PSN servers which will be undergoing maintenance, so all you can do is confirm that this problem exists.

And for that, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Network Service Status page.
  2. Check the service status and if there’s any issue all you have to do is wait.
  3. And if the site won’t load then surely it’s your internet connection problem

For this follow the next solution.

Solution 2: Check Your PS5 is Connecting to Your Network Correctly

How do reconnect my ps5 to WIFI?

To overcome PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi follow the steps given below

  1. Click the settings icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Network > Test Internet Connection.
  3. If the connection test fails, then try reconnecting to your router through Settings > Set Up Internet Connection.
  4. And make sure you entered your Wi-Fi password correctly.

Solution 3: Restart Your Router

If the above solution didn’t work then this solution has worked for many users in fixing PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is reset your router which will allow you to establish a new connection with your ISP without any bugs

Make sure you restart those devices which are affected in the process for an accurate fix.

Solution 4: Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed

PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi also occurs when the router is too far from your PS5, so try bringing your router close to your PS5 and will receive strong signals leading to a stable internet connection.

And if you can’t do this then try buying a powerful router that will provide you strong and wide signals around your house.

Solution 5: How to Change Your DNS Settings On PS5?

There are some faulty DNS servers that may cause PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi

So let’s change the DNS Settings:

  1. Click Settings > Network > Settings.
  2. Then click Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Click on the network you are using.
  4. Now click Advanced Settings > DNS Setttings > Manual.
  5. For Primary settings enter and for Secondary to match the Google DNS.
  6. Then click OK to save the changes.

Solution 6: Call Your ISP

The least you can do to solve PS5 not connecting to Wi-Fi is contact your Internet Sevice Provider(ISP).

They will access that data which you can’t and will know what’s going wrong with your internet connection.

And if the situation is worse then they will be sending a professional and make it work for you.

Solution 7: Contact PS5 Support

The last way you can sort out the issue is to Contact PS5 Support. The issue can be specific to your console and PS5 Support can possibly fix this.

Solution 8: Where can I repair PS5?

If any of the above solutions didn’t work for you then the only thing you can do is visit Sony’s official website and go to PlayStation Fix and Replace.

And I hope this will surely fix your PS5 Network Issues.





PS5 Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

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