How to Fix CE-109573-5 Error on PS5 – Can’t Start the Game or App?

PS5 Error CE-109573-5Can’t Start Game or App on PS5 or Something Went Wrong mostly happens when your games like Fortnite or NBA 2K23 crash in the middle and cannot be accessed.

However, many users were able to fix the error by restarting the PS5 or connecting it to a different network. A simple restart would give your PS5 a fresh start, and it may resolve the PS5 Error CE-109573-5. If this method has not worked for you, then you can follow our step-by-step solutions for fixing the CE-109573-5 Error on PS5 “Can’t Start the Game or App.”

What is PS5 Error CE-109573-5?

PS5 Error CE-109573-5 appears when you try to run the game or app, and it leads to an error saying “Can’t start the game or app” so you are unable to launch a specific app like Netflix on PS5 or play a game.

PS5 error CE-109573-5

What are the Reasons for PS5 Error CE-109573-5?

PS5 Error CE-109573-5 occurs while running popular PS5 games like Spider-Man Miles Morales, Call of Duty-Black Ops Cold War, FIFA 22, Destiny 2, Elden Ring, Stray, and more.

The primary reason for PS5 Error CE-109573-5 is a download glitch where PS5 can’t let it continue any more by itself. The files probably get corrupted that need to be deleted.


Some other Reasons that Cause PS5 Error CE-109573-5

  1. Problem with the game itself.
  2. Issues with PSN Servers.
  3. Problems with your internet connection.
  4. Dust in your PS5, which could lead to “Can’t Start Game or App PS5.”
  5. A bug in the PS5 system software, the game/app, or the storage device’s driver.
  6. This could be due to a power surge or electrical short.
6 Reasons Why PS5 Error Code CE-109573-5

Now that we have understood the reason behind this error, let’s start to fix error code CE-109573-5 on PS5.

Solution 1: Check if the PlayStation Network (PSN) is Down

PSS5 Error CE-109573-5 might be due to PSN servers that might be down due to undergoing maintenance.

So, all you can do is confirm that this problem exists.

How do I check my PSN status?

Here’s how you can check PSN status:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Network Service Status page.
  2. Check the service status and if there’s any issue all you have to do is wait.
  3. If the server issue is fixed then do check for internet connection problems.
Checking PSN Status from PlayStation Network

Solution 2: Connect to a Hotspot/Different Wi-Fi on PS5

PlayStation CE-109573-5 can be due to connection issues with your network. To see if your network is not faulty, try switching to a different Wi-Fi or your mobile’s hotspot.

  1. Go to Settings from the PS5 homepage
    settings ps5
  2. Scroll down to Network and click on it to access Network Settings
  3. Choose Settings from the left sidebar and scroll down to Set up Internet Connection from the expanded menu
    set up internet connection on ps5
  4. Now you will see a connected Wi-Fi that can be the issue causing CE-109573-5. Under that, you’d be finding more Wi-Fi signals and in my case, I see the hotspot I turned on as well.
    In case you don’t find your Wi-Fi network, press the triangle button on your controller to scan networks.
    ps5 available list witha a selected wifi that is not yet connected
  5. Scroll down to your desired Wi-Fi, click on it and enter your password to connect, and see if you are facing any errors.
    ps5 connected witha a mobile hotspot

Here’s how a video for the same process:

The next thing you can do is try rebuilding your PS5 database

Solution 3: Rebuild Database on PS5 to Fix CE-109573-5

Rebuilding Database on PS5 allows the PS5 to sort out any issues related to its drive that are causing issues with your game.

Rebuild PS5 Database instructions for precaution and following steps
  1. Press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep. This will boot your PS5 in Safe Mode.
  2. Connect the PS5 DualSense controller to a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.
    Connect the PS5 DualSense controller to a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.
  3. It may take a moment to display Safe Mode options. Select option 5: “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database
    Safe Mode options on ps5 with Selected option 5: “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database“
  4. Select the second option: “Rebuild Database
    second option: "Rebuild Database" selected to fix $$GAME_NAME$$
  5. Wait for the process to complete and your process will boot back.
    Rebuild PS5 Database progress halfway 61 seconds left

This usually doesn’t take much time, and here’s a demo video where we rebuild the database on our PS5, taking less than a minute and making it feel faster too.

Solution 4: Update the System Software Automatically

If updating PS5 didn’t fix something went wrong with CE-109573-5, then you need to update your PS5 System software to the latest version.

Sony releases new updates regularly to remain up-to-date with upcoming bugs and issues users face either while playing or some random bugs.

It’s highly recommended to have updated PS5 firmware. You can enable automatic updates and check for them manually as well.

There are 2 ways to update PS5 firmware:

  1. Through USB
    This way, you would need to download the update over the internet into a USB, which is an inconvenient way than PlayStation updating itself.
  2. Through Internet
    PlayStation searches for an update itself downloads it, and installs it for you.

By default, automatic updates are enabled, and in case you are not sure, here’s how you can check if there’s a new update available and how to enable automatic updates on PS5 too, using PS5 UI.

NOTE: Make sure the PS5 is connected to the internet.

  1. From the PS5 homepage, access Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2.  Go to System
  3. Click on System Software from the left menu and choose the second option: System Software Update and Settings.
  4. From the 2 options, select Update Using Internet.
  5. Now, wait for the system to check for updates, and if it’s updating, don’t try to turn off your PS5. In this case, the PS5 was already up-to-date.
5 steps to Update Your PS5 Firmware

Your PS5 should be with its latest update by now, and you can try running Fortnite to see if it’s still having CE-109573-5.

And if you want a video guide, here’s a quick video to update your PS5:

Solution 5: Delete and Reinstall the Game On PS5 to Fix PS5 CE-109573-5

The game file itself can be a suspected issue too, and we can only know by deleting and reinstalling it. You’d have to sacrifice your time and internet speed for a while, but let’s hope you resolve PlayStation error CE-109573-5 after this.

To reinstall the game, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to PS5 settings.
  2. Scroll down to Select Storage.
    storage ps5
  3. Then select Console storage from the left sidebar and go to Games and Apps in the expanded menu.
    console storage games and apps
  4. Now you will see a list of installed games and applications where you will select the game from the game list and press the Delete button at the bottom right.
    delete $$GAME_NAME$$ on ps5
  5. Once your game is deleted, you need to reinstall it. If it’s a disc you own, you would directly insert it, else if you have purchased a digital edition, you need to go to Game Library (last option) from the Games home screengame library home page ps5
  6. Select Your Collection from the three options under Game Library to search for your game and download it.
    your collection games in ps5 game library

Some options can be difficult to navigate, so we have created a video for your ease where we delete a game and reinstall it.

Solution 6: Contact PS5 Support

If none of the above solutions work for you, then there might be a chance that your PS5 has issues.

You can visit the PlayStation Official Website to get it repaired and choose the relevant issue, which in your case would be according to PlayStation error code CE-109573-5.

contact PS5 support

Make sure you tell all the solutions you have applied to your console and let them know the issue you are facing. This will help the support agent to identify the main reason for this error. They should reply to you ideally within 24 hours, and if you don’t get any reply within 2-3 days, then you might need to make another support ticket.

Final Words

Experiencing a crash in the middle of the game is probably one of the most frustrating ways to end a session and it could happen if you’re facing PS5 Error CE-109573-5 on your console. Hopefully the methods mentioned in this article may have helped you to resolve the issue and now you can play games without any interruption.


Why does my PS5 say Can’t Start the Game or App?

Your PS5 says can’t Start the Game or App as your PS5 has not been shut down properly so, it’s best to restart your console properly.

How do I fix error code ce-109573-5 on PS5?

You can fix error code ce-109573-5 on PS5 by clearing your PS5 cache and rebuilding PS5 database

What is Blue Light of Death PS5?

There is no such thing as a Blue Light of death, but blinking blue light does indicate an issue. Neither relates to PS5 can’t Start the Game or App.


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