11 Best Co-op and Multiplayer Games for Asus ROG Ally

Get the best Asus ROG Ally gaming capabilities by playing your favorite co-op and multiplayer games mentioned in this article.

A gaming console like the Asus ROG Ally can run AAA games with its powerful processor. With a button setup of joysticks, trigger buttons, and macro buttons, this console gives a much similar vibe to the Xbox controller. Hence if you haven’t tried the co-op or multiplayer games on it yet, you’re missing out on the real fun.

The Asus ROG Ally is capable of connecting to an external display, and you can dock it to play with multiple controllers at a time to double the multiplayer and co-op fun. We have compiled a list of the 11 best co-op and multiplayer games to play on Asus ROG Ally to make the options choices easier.

1. A Way Out

If you want to experience the thrill of breaking out of a cell or prison with your friend, this game is for you. Don’t worry; you don’t have to serve jail time. A Way Out is a cinematic co-op adventure game you can play with your friends on Asus ROG Ally.

The game takes you through various tasks, followed by an ambitious story. You can connect external controllers like DualSense, DualShock, or Xbox controller to experience the game with your friends in a unique co-op fashion.

2. Cuphead

Are you ready to test how strong your friendship is? Then play the Cuphead game in the co-op style. This game offers an animated-style side-scrolling shooter. But you get to experience the real deal when you face the first boss fight. The game gives much of Plants VS Zombies vibe. Only in this one does you get to shoot while jumping around with pixel-perfect precision.

3. Divinity: Original Sin II

If you’re a fan of tabletop games, then Divinity Original Sin II is a must to play game. This RPG-style tabletop game follows simple rules with a streamlined and compelling vibe. Playing this game with your friends would feel like playing a board game on a screen. You and your friends get to customize your characters. So, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the game with your friend and never get enough of it.

4. FIFA 23

Looking to settle the competition to decide which team is the best? Then make your boys’ night competitive by bringing FIFA 23 into your game’s library. FIFA 23 is the latest addition to the EA long legacy, featuring an updated team draft and the latest jersey style for the players.

The game also features a career mode like its previous versions, where you can experience the journey to becoming a FIFA star like Ronaldo or Messi. So, whether you’re a football or a soccer fan, settling your arguments with FIFA would be the best way.

5. It Takes Two

If you’re more into a heated competition among friends, dive into It Takes Two. The name of this game defines what it has to offer. The adventure of “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” takes you through a journey of puzzle games, comedy touches, and the world where you have to work as a team to elevate in the game.

6. Moving Out

Yet another game defined by its name is the ‘Moving Out’ fictional co-op that 4 players can play simultaneously. The game features the real-world task of carefully moving the furniture and other items of the house carefully in a vibrant animated display.

Moving Out is much more difficult than it sounds when you get to move the L-shaped sofas. So, carefully moving everything out of the house requires coordination between you and your friends.

7. NBA 2K23

We’re calling all the American fans to gather for the ultimate showdown between your favorite teams. The NBA 2K23 is the best way to settle your grudges between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat fans.

But that’s not limited to it, and the game features all your favorite teams and players so you can compete against your friends. For the best experience, you can dock Asus ROG Ally to a larger display and enjoy a head-to-head match to show off your basketball skills with the best physical realism.

8. Overcooked! 2

This game would let you throw your friends in the fire literally but digitally. Overcooked 2 follows the simple rules of a competitive yet collaborative environment of a restaurant. This game is the best co-op if you’re more into teamwork.

So, to keep the customers satisfied, you’ll have to coordinate carefully with your teammates for cooking and taking the food. And if the customers are not happy, they will yell straight at you like Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen.

9. Rocket League

A racing-style co-op game is one of the best free games for Asus ROG Ally that brings the blend of motorsports and soccer. Rocket League gives a truly immersive yet addictive experience by emerging the high-octane power with the dynamics of football mechanics.

All you have to do is push the gas, use the boost, and score the goal while drifting around the field. Therefore, you’ll have to be good behind the wheel to win this game.

10. Stardew Valley

If you’re tired of playing competitive games and looking just to blow off some steam, then Stardew Valley should be the right choice. This game will leave you with a smiling face with its vibrant yet Pokémon graphics from Gameboy.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator that lets you play the game with up to 4 friends at a time. You can harvest food, crawl dungeons, and interact with townsfolks to free-roam anywhere. It’s the best game for killing time without worrying about being competitive against your friends.

11. Street Fighter 6

Last but not least on our list is Street Fighter 6. This new game has remained true to its roots by giving a superb blend of cinematics and all the punch combinations from their decade-old titles. Street Fighter 6 is well-optimized for Asus ROG Ally, and the control setup feels like it was made for this console. It supports 120 Hz but you’ll have to change it from the game’s graphics settings.

You can throw all the satisfying combos by moving the joysticks and button combinations with those extra macro buttons. Ever since their first release, the game was made to be a co-op with 18 characters. The arena is yours, and if you’re not afraid of spilling some blood, take control of your favorite characters!

Final Words

Multiplayer and co-op games not only kill your boredom but also gives you a chance to remain socially active with your friends online. With the Asus ROG Ally games mentioned in this article, you will never run out of options to have a great social time with your friends online. If you have suggestions for Asus ROG Ally co-op and multiplayer games, let us know in the comments, and we will share them with our users!


How Many External Controllers Can You Connect with Asus ROG Ally?

You can connect up to 4 external controllers simultaneously with Asus ROG Ally, whether on the docked mode.

Does Co-Op Gaming Mean 2 Players Only?

Co-op gaming responds to 2 or more players competing in a game to achieve a common goal. For example, 4 players can play FIFA to win a match.

What is the Difference Between Multiplayer and Co-op?

Multiplayer corresponds to competing in an online game with many players, while co-op is between friends or players connected to the same device. Co-op can be played offline as well, while multiplayer is online only.


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