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SSD Not Showing Up? Why is my SSD Not Showing Up?

SSD Not Showing Up? SSD not showing up in BIOS? Nowadays hard drives are being replaced by SSD due to their lighter weight and reliability. But when it comes to corrupted files SSD’s are also not behind in this so, Did you just purchased a brand new and expensive SSD and on connecting it doesn’t […]

How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration

Want to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration? Are you frustrated with the faster movement of your cursor? Don’t worry We bring you the easiest way to Disable the mouse acceleration before jumping to a solution let’s have a quick FAQ 11 Ways to Completely Shut Down A Windows 10 PC What is mouse acceleration? Mouse acceleration […]

Spotify Failed to Migrate Some of Your Data?

This guide will help you troubleshoot and fix Spotify the Spotify failed to migrate some of your data issues. Spotify is one of the leading companies that provides audio streaming services. If you have the Spotify migration Error, you’ll know it – every time you try to start the desktop version of Spotify, that notification […]

Spotify NO Internet Connection?

Are you facing Spotify No Internet Connection Error? OR Something went wrong (Check your internet connection and try again)   No need to worry about it! In this article, you can easily fix your Spotify no internet connection error easily. Spotify music player is available for both mobile devices and PCs. The issue is happening […]

How to Subscript & Superscript in Word

Superscripts and subscripts are just other special characters that appear slightly below or above the normal baseline. These are mostly used in mathematical or chemical examples and formulae. For instance, E=mc2 ORH2O. Microsoft Word makes it easy to include the subscript or superscript text in your documents. Below are the following steps to create subscript […]

IMS Service Has Stopped

“Unfortunately, IMS Service Has Stopped” on Android You may see this error message pop up on your Samsung phone? You would have wondered What does IMS service stopped mean? Is IMS safe? And How to fix it? What’s IMS Service? IMS is a general-purpose, open industry standard for voices and multimedia communications over packet-based IP […]

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