Origin Not Loading? Launcher Not Loading?

Origin Not Loading? So some users have reported that whenever they open the Origin app, it just shows a blank white page, with no loading screen. Origin web page won’t load is usually caused due to corrupted Origin files. So, What do you do when Origin won’t load? Here are some solutions listed below to […]

Save streams on twitch

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download videos directly from other streamers. Usually, when you share a live stream, it disappears when you finish. However, you can enable Twitch to save your previous live stream and list them as VOD (Video on Demand). After enabling this setting, you can highlight your streams to save forever […]

PS5 NOT Accepting Disc

PS5 Not Accepting Disc? The PS5 disc version is having problems such as not able to read the game disc or the disc getting stuck in PS5 but you don’t need to worry as it’s a solvable issue and we have prepared some valid solutions for you below. What are the causes of PS5 not […]

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