Official Confirmation: Asus Acknowledges SD Card Reader Issue on ROG Ally

Solution in sight is skeptical!

The Asus ROG Ally, a prominent player and a direct competitor to Logitech G Cloud, Ayaneo, and Steam Deck, a rival to Nintendo Switch in the portable gaming device market, is facing significant issues with its SD card reader. Users have reported various problems, including cards not showing up, reader malfunctions, and recognition issues with SD cards on ROG Ally.

Confirmation of SD Card Reader Issues

Asus, after extensive internal testing, has confirmed the presence of a hardware fault in the ROG Ally’s SD card reader. officially acknowledging the presence of SD card reader issues in the ROG Ally through its community manager’s statement on the ROG message board. The company attributed the malfunctions to certain thermal stress conditions, which cause the reader to malfunction. Users have reported experiencing these problems when the device heats up during prolonged use.

Asus officially acknowledged the presence of SD card reader issues in the ROG Ally through its community manager's statement on the ROG message board.

Proposed Solutions

To combat the SD card reader issues, Asus has developed a software update that adjusts the fan speeds of the ROG Ally. This update aims to enhance cooling efficiency while minimizing fan noise, a concern for many users. By optimizing the thermal management system, Asus intends to mitigate the risks associated with the SD card reader malfunction.

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The update is expected to provide a workaround fix for the existing hardware fault and only time will tell if it really does the work as it’s a hardware issue that ASUS made while designing the ASUS ROG Ally.

Return and Inspection Process

Users who are currently facing SD card reader problems on their ROG Ally devices can take advantage of Asus’ return (RMA) program. By contacting Asus support, affected individuals can initiate the return process to have their units inspected and replaced if necessary. This initiative allows users to receive a fully functional device or obtain a refund for their faulty ROG Ally.

Additional User Concerns

In addition to the SD card reader issues, some ROG Ally users have reported dead zone problems with the embedded joysticks and performance degradation caused by a recent BIOS update causing slow downloads, crashing and connectivity issues. These concerns have been raised within the community, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Asus has taken responsibility for the SD card reader issues affecting the ROG Ally and has implemented measures to address the problem. The forthcoming software update, which adjusts fan speeds, aims to improve the thermal performance of the device and safeguard users’ microSD cards. By participating in the return (RMA) program, affected users can take steps to resolve their device’s issues and receive a functional replacement or refund.

Asus’s commitment to rectifying these issues demonstrates its dedication to providing a reliable and high-quality gaming experience for ROG Ally users.

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