Guide: How to Get a Job at Netflix

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get a job at netflix

Netflix is the best known of the companies that offer services for watching movies and series over the Internet. To work at Netflix is to work in a company that offers its employees excellent working conditions.

The company’s employees can receive from good salaries to maternity leave and unlimited vacations, in addition to a series of out-of-the-ordinary working conditions. Because of this, more and more people are seeking the opportunity to work at Netflix, looking for the vacancies found on its employment website.

If you are a high school student and you have the assignment to write my essay on your dream company, in this article you will find all the necessary information about the most famous company in the field of entertainment – Netflix.

Guide: How to Get a Job at Netflix

What it takes to work at Netflix?

To work at Netflix, the first thing to do is to get to know the company well, to understand its business philosophy. This company does not conduct a constant search for employees to fill regular positions, but rather focuses on finding talent.

Netflix has its own talent search engine that is in charge of finding those professional profiles that fit the company’s philosophy, and that can bring new and unique ideas to the work teams.

Generally, the profiles it looks for range from creative producers to software engineers, as well as different administrative positions. The search for personnel is very broad, and job offers for different professional profiles can be found in the job portal that is enabled on its website.

The profiles most in-demand by the company are:

  • Professionals in the area of cinematography, degrees in humanities careers, directing techniques, and production assistance
  • Graduates in economics, business management, and finance
  • Law and legal advice
  • Computer engineering, software development, and programming
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Marketing and digital communication
  • Human resources

When you are clear about the sector in which you are interested in working at Netflix and you have the required profile, you should send your job application through their website. You can also respond to job offers that may be posted on job portals.

Personal skills to work at Netflix

When you want to work at Netflix you should keep in mind that the company strives to hire the best professionals, not only in the aspect of training or experience. The company highly values integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration among team members.

The personal skills they most look for in their future employees are:

  • Having the ability to make decisions
  • Have a strong ability to work as part of a team
  • Have a lot of common sense
  • To be able to communicate effectively
  • Active listening skills
  • To know how to share knowledge
  • Knowing how to break the rules at the right time and always thinking about the benefit of the company

Values for working at Netflix

If you share your own values with the company’s values, you increase your chances of being able to work at Netflix. The values and attitudes that the company most looks for in its personnel are the following:

  • Criterion
  • Communication
  • Curiosity
  • Effort
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity

At Netflix, the work teams are made up of people of different nationalities, which is why the content it produces is a sample of global perspectives and global stories.

The company is aware that as it grows in the global market, it must have talented professionals who come from different cultures, with particular and unique life experiences, with new perspectives that allow them to have a more creative and innovative vision. To work at Netflix, you must be able to integrate into these teams and be able to offer the best.

How to pass the job interview at Netflix?

Because the interview to work at Netflix is very personalized, there is no set formula to pass the selection, but you can follow some tips aimed at highlighting the characteristics that are sought after by recruiters.

The first tip to follow is to get to know the company’s work culture well. In particular, you should emphasize the list of values that the company has and that it expects employees to be able to apply both in their jobs and in their personal lives.

  1. Judgment: This includes the ability to make balanced decisions, based on data and evidence, and not on emotions or rumors
  2. Communication: To be able to present their ideas clearly and accurately, without leaving room for misunderstandings
  3. Curiosity: This implies being able to learn new skills, and knowledge and to be in constant updating of knowledge
  4. Courage: To defend their ideas within the company
  5. Passion for their work
  6. Altruism: This is a fundamental point because it is required that employees can make decisions in the interest of the company and not only for their personal benefit
  7. Innovation: To offer new and different solutions to the traditional ones
  8. Inclusion: to work with co-workers from different cultural and social backgrounds
  9. Integrity: referring to the behavior as a person
  10. Impact: concerning the work being done and the trust that can be established with co-workers

In addition, the following tips should also be considered:

It is not necessary to know the entire catalog of series and movies to work at Netflix, but to pass the interview it is useful to demonstrate that you are or have been a user of the platform’s services and that you know how to use them.

When answering the questions, you should try to be authentic without making up or preparing an answer that is too long and in-depth. The best way to answer is through practical examples, which are based on work experience or studies.

Netflix takes diversification of interests very much into account, so it is very convenient to be able to demonstrate that you can apply techniques or skills acquired in a field unrelated to the job position.


All those who wish to work at Netflix should not be discouraged if they are not hired the first time they apply for a job offer, or even on their second attempt. Some candidates may not have the skills or experience that hiring managers are looking for at the time, so an extra year or two of experience can make a big difference in getting hired.

Netflix is a great company that bets on each of its employees because it knows that the success of the company depends on them. The success of the model used by Netflix has motivated many Human Resources departments of other companies in the sector to apply similar models in their selection processes and more and more people aspire to work in work environments like the one offered by this company.

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