Why Netflix Trumps All Other Streaming Services?

Netflix is described by many as the leader of the streaming service market. This is because it has as many as 221.64 Million subscribers according to Statista –  a research organization founded in Hamburg, Germany that has been publishing credible statistics for a decade and a half. Just to give you some perspective, that number is, by a huge margin, more than the number of subscribers of any other streaming service on Planet Earth. And yes, we are including other streaming service giants like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ in this comparison. Its popularity can be attributed to a lot of reasons. However, first, let us explore why streaming services, in general, are becoming so popular.

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Streaming Services > Television

There are two basic ways you can watch movies and shows. The first way is through television. To watch a show on television, the first thing that needs to happen in favor of you is that you actually have to have a liking for one of the limited number of shows that are currently playing on TV. Suppose you do end up liking one of these shows. The next thing that needs to happen for you is that you need to make sure you are free and in front of your television screen as soon as every episode starts playing. In the case that you get late for or completely miss an episode, you always end up having an impression that some part of the show is missing. 

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On the other hand, when it comes to streaming services, you can choose to watch any show in the library at any time anywhere. Alongside, the descriptions that accompany every title help you choose which show you should watch. The ratings by other streaming service users and the listed recommendations also aid you in the selection process. Nonetheless, you still need quality internet for the purposes of taking advantage of streaming services. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than an internet lag in the middle of a suspense-filled scene! In the scenario that your internet connection is currently failing or it is non-existent, we would highly advise you to give Xfinity internet plans a look and choose one of them. Comcast Xfinity, as an internet service provider, is known to ensure dependability as well as speediness in connection. 

Why Netflix Is Better Than All Other Streaming Services

Now that it has been concluded that streaming services are better than television for watching shows as well as movies, let us now move forward and give you the arguments for why we believe Netflix is better than all other streaming services.

Large Library

The first argument we have is that one of the world’s biggest television series and movie libraries is available to Netflix subscribers. Yep, that’s right. In the case that you subscribe to Netflix, you will have access to approximately two thousand television shows and, at the very least, four thousand movies. Basically, for all practical purposes, the chances of you finding something you like on the streaming service platform are extremely high. 

Opportunity For Cross-Cultural Learning

The movie and TV show library is not the only thing that is large about Netflix; the number of nationalities, cultures, and languages represented in these shows and movies is also large. In other words, in the case that you want to learn about different cultures, watching Netflix may very well be a pretty good way to do that! Alongside, considering how Netflix also allows you to see subtitles in languages other than the language of the show or movie you are watching, it is safe to say that the streaming service platform also helps you learn new languages.

TIP! You can change your region on Netlfix as well!

One Subscription For A Number Of People

If you start paying for Netflix, any of your friends and family can use your account as long as the login information (username and password) is known to them. But, there is one complication. More than a certain number of people cannot be using the same account at the same time. That number is four for Premium subscribers, one for Basic subscribers, and two for Standard subscribers of Netflix.

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We are really optimistic that this article will help you finally make the decision of which streaming service to choose. For us, at least, the answer is obvious – Netflix.

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