PS5 Black Screen? No Signal on TV?

Facing PS5 Black Screen Issue? PS5 black screen after logo? PS5 white light black screen?

You just would have bought your brand new PS5 and while connecting it to your TV, You see PS5 not showing up on tv with No Signal Detected.

There are a couple of fixes that have worked in many cases, Let’s try them to see which one works for you. Before we jump to solutions,

You might be wondering Why is my PS5 only showing a black screen?

The upcoming solutions will show you How do I fix my PS5 no signal?

Or How to fix the PS5 black screen on boot?

PS5 Overheating?

What does it mean when your PS5 screen is black?

The PS5 stuck on black screen issue usually means that either:

  1. There’s an issue with your HDMI cables or HDMI ports not working.
  2. Or, the TV doesn’t support

Can you hear PS5 without picture? PS5 gives sound but no display?

You can solve PS5 black screen with sound by checking the following things:
  1.  Make sure that the TV is on the correct input and HDMI port.
  2. Try using a different HDMI cable.

How do I fix my PS5 black screen?

Now, let’s try fixing your PS5 stuck on black screen with the most probable solution.

Solution 1: Check Your HDMI Cables and HDMI Ports

Change your HDMI cables because PS5 black screen coming due to a hardware issue. Before that ensure that there is no faulty HDMI port.

PS5 HDMI cable not working? PS5 no hdmi signal?

Make sure you use 2.0 HDMI cables or sometimes labeled as High Speed.

Let’s do it:

  1. Unplug your HDMI cables from the back of your both TV and PS5.
  2. If you are thinking to buy a new one then, first try switching the ends of HDMI cables.
  3. And plug-in the HDMI cable of your PS5 into your TV and vice versa.

And if this didn’t work then unplug the power cable of your TV from the switch for 1 minute and then plug it back in.

Playing PS5 on your TV? Then, if you are stuck thinking Why does my TV say no signal when I turn my PS5 on?


the next solution would help you definitely!

PS5 Not connecting to Wifi?

Solution 2: Change Video Output to Fix PS5 Black Screen

If the above solution didn’t work for you then all you need to fix the PS5 Black Screen after PS logo


Just follow the steps:

  1. Turn off your PS5 by pressing the power button on the front panel.
  2. Press and hold the power button until you hear the second beep and will boot in Safe Mode.Safe-mode ps5
  3. Now connect the PS5 DualSense controller to the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller to pair it.ps4 ds4 controller dualshock 4
  4. Select Change Video Output > Change ps5
  5. Then select OK and your PS5 will restart and then select the video output resolution.
  6. And if PS5 no signal to tv then select option 2 which is Change HDCP Mode > HDCP 1.4 Only.

PS5 Not Updating

Solution 3: Hard Reset Your PS5 to Fix PS5 Black Screen On Startup

This solution has worked for many users in fixing the PS5 Black Screen.

Just follow the steps:

  1. Tap and Hold the power button on the console for at least 10 seconds until it turns off completely.
  2. Unplug the power plug from the back of the console.
  3. Now Press and hold the power button several times until there’s no remaining power which will clean all the cache and drain the PS5 from any current.
  4. Plugin the power brick back and wait for some seconds.
  5. Turn your PS5 ON again to check if the PS5 Black Screen is fixed.

PS5 not accepting Disc

Solution 4: Contact PS5 Support to Fix PS5 Black Screen No Signal on TV

If non of the above solution didn’t work for you then all you can do is visit the PlayStation Official Website.  Or you can go to your nearest Sony Service Centre and they will give solve your PS5 won’t show on tv.


PS5 Black Screen? No Signal on TV?

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