Chinese Kids have Already found a workaround against HARSH Gaming Time limits [You Can’t Guess It]

We already know how the Chinese government has become a strict parent and forced a 3 hour per week (1 hour per Friday, Saturday, Sunday) limit on online gaming for all gamers under the age of 18 years.

This does not mean some rebellious teenager would not find a way around it. There are e-commerce websites popping in China that are selling accounts for as low as $5 of a popular multiplayer online game “Honor of Kings”.

When the gamer under 18 signs in using these paid accounts, they don’t have to enter any age proof, making it a perfect workaround to get some more gaming hours.

Definitely, the Chinese government knows about these websites and the trickster teenagers.

They have assigned the responsibility to assert these state-defined rules to the developers of these games and have forced them to such a point that a popular Chinese developer and publisher Tencent is implementing real-time facial recognition in the game to make sure that the player who is playing the game and the account logged in is matching.

Chinese Kids have already found a workaround against HARSH Gaming Time limits

The Chinese government is increasing its efforts to stop the exploding popularity of online gaming, deeming it as harmful to their cultural values.

Keep in mind such restriction cannot be implemented on offline games because there is no way for the Chinese government to track the time of a game that isn’t connected to the internet (yet) so maybe those teenagers can play their backlog of Playstation 2/3 and Nintendo Gameboy games while hoping for such restrictions to get reduced in future.

Hammad Aly
Hammad Aly
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