Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights [EASY Guide]

Are you new to the PS5 DualSense Controller?


Are you afraid to see Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights such as orange, blue, and especially the red ones?

Let me assure you one thing

That this is all pretty normal as with the adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback you also get to see all the Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights.

So, in the guide below you will be able to learn what each color on the PS5 controller means.

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Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights 2

All Of the Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights

The DualSense Controller is a whole new different thing when compared to the previous PS4 DualShock controller.

The PS5 controller comes with 5 different light colors each one representing itself.

So, let’s see what each light color means on the PS5 DualSense Controller:

1. Blue Light(Solid/Blinking)

Whenever you turn on your PS5 controller you will see a Blue Solid light on it.

It also shows that you are Player number one in multi-player games on PS5.

You will only see the Blinking blue light when pairing your controller with other Bluetooth devices.

image 199

PS5 Controller Blinking Blue Light Continuously? Here’s the Fix

2. Red Light On PS5 DualSense Controller

You don’t need to worry as this Red light doesn’t mean any warning sign as users get worried while seeing a red light like this on Reddit.

It means that you just joined a multiplayer game as the 2nd player and your LED display changes to red on the PS5 controller.

image 201

3. Green Light

The green light indicates that you are number three in a multi-player game.

image 202

4. Pink (Purple) Light On PS5 Controller

The Pink light on the DualSense controller indicates that you are player number 4 in the multiplayer game but most users insist that it is actually purple although it’s NOT.

image 203

5. Orange Light: Warning One

So, while playing games on PS5 you should take a note of the Orange light on the controller as it represents that your controller battery is low or dying.

So, it’s best you plug your controller into the power supply and the orange light stays on while the controller is charging.

image 204

Let’s move on to different combinations of Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights.

Different Combinations Of Lights On DualSense Controller

So far we learned that there will be these four changing light colors on the PS5 controller while playing a multiplayer game like Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • Player 1 will be Blue
  • Player 2 will be Red
  • Player 3 will be Green
  • Player 4 will be Purple

But here are some combinations of lights that you will see on your PS5 controller.

1. Orange With Blue Light

Let’s say you are playing Fortnite and if your controller light changes from blue to orange then you need to switch to the other controller or put this one on the charge due to low battery.

2. Orange with White Light

This means that your DualSense controller is connected to a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

And the device is successfully connected to the platform you are gaming on so, you don’t need to worry much as it’s perfectly normal.

3. Blue with White Light

This is the default color by Sony and whenever you see this type of combination on your DualSense controller this means you are successfully connected to a PC.

Video Guide: DualSense Controller Changing Lights

Hope you get to know about Changing PS5 DualSense Controller Lights

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