How to Fix Asus ROG Ally Black Screen Issue

Asus ROG Ally black screen issue can occur for many reasons, and here we have mentioned solutions to fix them by following some easy methods.

If you search for the best handheld gaming consoles, Asus ROG Ally will appear at the top due to its high-end processor and lag-free gaming experience. However, such electronic devices can even run into issues like the black screen of death that might leave you clueless about what to do. Fortunately, we have discovered some reasons why it occurs and how you can resolve it.

To resolve Asus ROG Ally black screen issue, you have to make sure that the console is properly charged, and then you can perform a hardware reset to switch the BIOS in the factory default settings. Doing so will reset the startup sequence and any software malfunction interfering with hardware.

To explain things more comprehensively, we have written a detailed guide on fixing the Asus ROG Ally black screen issue by following some easy methods. But first, we will also state some prominent reasons to discuss why this issue may have occurred in the first place.

Why Does Asus ROG Ally Black Appear?

Below we have mentioned a couple of reasons why Asus ROG Ally’s black screen appears on the console.

  • The battery has completely drained to the lowest level, with no charge left.
  • The charging adapter is damaged and not charging the console properly, so it has dropped dead.
  • Some hardware components, like the charging port or display screen, have been permanently damaged.
  • The console overheated, so it’s not responding to power up.
  • The firmware got interrupted while updating Asus ROG Ally BIOS.

Fixing Asus ROG Ally Black Screen Issue

Now that we have discussed the reasons for Asus ROG Ally’s black screen let’s discuss how to resolve this issue by following these methods.

Fix #1: Let it Cool Down

Asus ROG Ally Cooling Setup

The first fix is easy to try, as you don’t have to do anything technical. Asus ROG Ally players have reported constant overheating issues that cause unprecedented crashes as well. Therefore, we recommend disconnecting Asus ROG Ally from charging and letting it cool down until it reaches the normal temperature. Due to overheating, the hardware could’ve malfunctioned to cause startup and power-up issues as well.

Fix #2: Let it Charge

One of the core reasons Asus ROG Ally won’t turn ON is because of battery issues that cause quick battery draining to an intense level. ROG Ally users have commonly addressed this issue, which can occur due to using unofficial gaming accessories.

Therefore, you can use an alternative USB TypeC cable and another adapter to check your gaming console. Using alternative/new accessories, leave the console charging for at least 50 minutes to see if it responds to the charging input.

Fix #3: Hardware Reset

The next thing you can try to tackle the Asus ROG Ally black screen is the hardware resetting technique. Before hardware resetting the dock, charge the console for an hour at least, even if it is irresponsive to the charging. Hardware reset rolls back the BIOS settings to default to clear the boot sequence by following these steps.

  1. Press the ‘Volume Down (-)’ button on Asus ROG Ally.
  2. While holding the Volume Down (-) button, press and hold the power button for almost 40 seconds.
    Resetting Asus ROG Ally
  3. Wait until the Asus ROG Ally switches ON and the BIOS screen displays.

Finally, navigate to the Advanced tab. Here, select the ASUS Cloud Recovery option and press A to initiate the process. Connect to a Wi-Fi to let the download complete and the console may run into multiple reboots during the session. Then set up ROG Ally as the new and fresh device.

Fix #4: Dock and Play

One possible reason the Asus ROG Ally has a black screen issue is the failure of the display screen. Therefore, to test your console, you can connect the Asus ROG Ally to the TV or monitor by putting it in dock mode with these steps.

  1. Connect the Asus ROG Ally console to the 65W dock charger using a USB Type-C cable.
  2. Connect the external display with the 65W dock charger using an HDMI cable.
    Asus ROG Ally Docked
  3. Plug in the adapter and switch ON the console with the display screen.
  4. Select the display input source as HDMI, and you’re done.

Wait a few seconds to let the display transfer to the TV or monitor. If you have multiple HDMI sources on your display screen, you can switch between them to check which one you’ve plugged in to dock.

Fix #5: Contact Support

If none of those mentioned above fixes have worked for you, then it’s recommended to contact Asus Support to recommend the right solution. Moreover, you can take advantage of the warranty claim to get a new device based on their policy.

Final Words

Handheld gaming is becoming the thing of the future in this modern-day era, with its innovative features and options. The Asus ROG Ally is one of the finest handheld gaming options. But like many other portable devices, it also suffers from issues. Asus ROG Ally’s black screen can make things unresponsive, and you become clueless about what to do. Hopefully, the fixes we provided were helpful enough to guide you in resolving the Asus ROG Ally black screen issue.


Why Asus ROG Ally Experiences Blue Screen of Death?

Asus ROG Ally runs Windows 11 Home as its operating system, which can result in a Blue Screen of Death in case of hardware issues.

What to do if Blue Screen Appears on Asus ROG Ally?

Blue Screen of Death can appear due to overheating or a damaged hardware component on Asus ROG Ally. You can tweak the software to run ROG Ally under optimum performance settings to resolve the blue screen problem.

Can You Install new Windows on Asus ROG Ally?

Yes, to install new Windows, you may have to install Windows in the console’s memory stick, which is recommended to be done by a trained professional.


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