9 Easy Ways to Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

Sim Not Provisioned MM#2? What does sim not provisioned mean?

You might be wondering why you are getting a sim not provisioned MM#2 error when you bought a new sim card with a new phone or when you have transferred your number to your new sim.

Well, today I am going to tell you about how you can fix sim not provisioned error by following these 9 simple and easy techniques.

Sim cards are small integrated circuits that are intended to act as a channel between your carrier and your cell phone. It is programmed to hold consumer’s phone numbers, identification numbers, and other data. 

Now if your device pops up sim not provisioned error you won’t be able to contact anyone except for 911.

So is there any solution? Of course yes! In this guide you are going to know about:

5 Major causes of sim not provisioned MM#2 error


9 simple and easy techniques you can use to fix this sim card not provisioned MM#2

Let’s just dive straight into it

What are the Major Cause Of Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 Error?

Let’s see what are the major causes of sim not provisioned mm#2 error and why this error pops up?

Well, there are several reasons behind the error message that says sim not provisioned on your androids. Here is a list of circumstances when sim nor provisioned error may annoy you

  1. If you got a new phone and you are using it with an old or a new sim card.
  2. If you have transferred your contact or number on your new sim card.
  3. If your sim card has been deactivated due to some reason from your service provider
  4. If the server is inaccessible
  5. If you are out of your coverage area and you don’t have any roaming agreement.

How do I fix SIM Not Provisioned mm 2?

You can fix SIM not provisioned mm 2 by:

  1. Restarting your device.
  2. Inserting sim in another device.
  3. Buying a new sim card.
  4. Activating your sim card.

What does SIM card not provisioned mm 2 mean?

SIM card not provisioned mm 2 means that your carrier is not identifying your account or the signals are not transferring properly.

How can I fix BSNL SIM not provisioned?

You can fix BSNL SIM not provisioned by activating your sim card so you can either call your carrier or simply send an SMS to the carrier. If you are provided with the carrier’s website, just log in to the carrier’s website and check how to activate your sim card.

There might be a good chance that if your sim has been locked on a particular device and if you try to put this sim into a new device or in any other device, you still may receive a pop-up message that says sim not provisioned.

Now, let’s discuss 9 simple and easy techniques to fix this error.

Fixing sim not provisioned is simple and can be fixed by following these 9 really simple solutions which we are going to discuss in the article

TF cards Vs SD Card

Solution 1: Placing the Sim Card Properly to Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

If you face the pop-up message that reads sim not provisioned, first of all, check for your sim. There might be a good chance that your sim card has been moved a bit even if you haven’t touched your sim or moved it.

Try putting your sim card again by following these steps:

  1. Switch of your device
  2. Now take your sim out of your sim card holder
  3. Next, clean the gold pins of your sim card properly with the help of any soft cloth and make sure no residue stays there.
  4. Once you are done, put the sim back in your sim card holder
  5. Finally, turn on your device and see if you still face any Sim Not Provisioned MM#2.Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

Solution 2: By Changing The Slot Of Your Sim Card

If you receive a Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 message, you can also change the sim card slot. Most of the androids have the facility of dual sim slots or even more than two sim slots you simply have to replace your sim card from the current sim slot and place it in another slot.

Make sure your sim card and sim slot both are clean. Sometimes, Sim Not Provisioned appears because of the corrupted sim card slot.Sim Not Provisioned

Solution 3: Communicating With Your Carrier to Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

If you are still facing any Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 error message, simply contact your carrier.

Make sure that you describe the whole situation and make everything clear to the carrier. You have to show some tolerance to the carrier while they are asking about the issue. It may take you a while to solve the Sim card Not Provisioned MM#2 or it may be solved in a couple of minutes. It depends upon the difficulty of the problem.

Solution 4: Make Sure To Clean Your Sim Card

It is quite possible that sometimes while you are inserting your sim card into your device, few tiny particles of dirt are accumulated on the sim leading to Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

Make sure to clean your sim card properly before inserting it in the slot. The sim card must be completely dried and properly cleaned.

Solution 5: Activating The Sim Card to Fix Sim Card Not Provisioned MM#2

Once you get a new sim card, it gets activated in 24 hours as soon as it is inserted into the device. But if your sim is not activated within 24 hours which can cause Sim Not Provisioned MM#2.

So you can either call your carrier or simply send an SMS to the carrier. If you are provided with the carrier’s website, just log in to the carrier’s website and check how to activate your sim card.Sim Not Provisioned MM#2-

Solution 6: Restart Your Device

It might sound a bit awkward but sometimes restarting your device can also help you to get rid of errors. Once you restart your phone, it will run smoothly and it will automatically retain the memory.

You can restart your phone by simply pressing the Power button for at least 10 seconds and will then tap on restart.

Solution 7: Trying Sim Card On Other Devices to Fix Sim Not Provisioned MM#2

Once you have tried all the methods to fix the Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 error but you are still facing the pop-up error message.

Don’t worry, try using the sim on other android devices and see if it works. If the sim starts working on another device then it is quite obvious that there is some fault in your device, not the sim.Sim Not Provisioned MM#2..

Solution 8 Reset Your Phone

If the above solution also didn’t fix your Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 then you need to reset your phone. But before doing that make sure your important data is backed up or else you will lose every single piece of data on your mobile phone.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn your phone off.
  2. Now press the power button and the volume UP key together until the screen turns on
  3. Go to wipe data/factory reset using the volume down key.
  4. And select it by pressing the power button.
  5. Now check if Sim card Not Provisioned is fixed or not.

Solution 9 – Changing Your Sim Card

When you tried every possible thing but still Sim card Not Provisioned mm#2 pops up on your device, maybe now it’s the time to get yourself a new sim card. This is the last possible option that will surely work for the error.Sim card Not Provisioned


I hope one of these solutions worked out for you to fix the Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 Let me know by leaving down the comment below if you found another workable solution to fix the ‘Sim not provisioned’ error.

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