Netflix Site Error: We are Unable to Process Your Request [FIXED] 

Most of the Netflix users will agree that how much Netflix Site error: Unable to process your request annoys them when they face Netflix site errors.

Well, today I am going to tell you about some quick solutions that will assist you in sorting out and fixing the issue. 

Netflix is one of the most visited worldwide websites. It is used by billions of users around the world to watch movies and Tv shows. One major problem which Netflix users often face is Netflix site error which ultimately limits the users to watch their ongoing content.

Netflix Site Error says:

We are unable to process your request
Please go to the home page by clicking the button below

However, you don’t have to panic while facing this error as it is temporary and can be fixed in a couple of minutes via a few simple and easy solutions that we will discuss in this article.

5 ways to fix Netflix Site Error: Unable to Process Your Request

The Netflix Site Error usually appears when you visit the browse page. As soon as you browse the web page you will see that there is something wrong either with your browser or with the device you are using. But this doesn’t mean that you have to change your device.

However, there might be a good chance that the user’s issue is from the server’s end. But it’s not quite possible. 

Following are 5 ways you can solve Netflix Site Error 

Homepage netflix

Solution 1: Connectivity issue

When you come across any error message, you have to check your network connectivity. If you are having a disturbed network, you might face this issue.

You have to simply close your browser and shut down the system on which you are using Netflix. You can use Netflix again once you restart your system and check if this fixes your problem or not. 

If the issue is still there, try restarting your modem. But first, make sure to switch off your computer before restarting your modem. Once you are done with powering off your computer simply disconnect the ethernet cable. Once your internet light is stable after restarting your modem, connect your ethernet cable, turn on your system, open the browser, and start using Netflix again.

Solution 2:  Changing the browser to Fix Unable to Process Requests

There are some browsers that have less likelihood of being compatible with Netflix. Thus, you need to change your browser to fix the error.  You have to close your browser on which you are using Netflix. Download an alternative browser such as chrome or UR browser. Now sign into Netflix and enjoy.

Note: Restarting your browser is also a very quick solution for the error. Relaunch the browser and start using it.

Solution 3: Delete Browser Cookies

Cookie & cache is sometimes is the cause of the unexpected error occur in Netflix.

So, it’s good to try to eliminate the cookies & cache.

If you do not clear the cookie & cache it will show errors again and again due to the old data stuck in the cookie.

Google Chrome

  1. Try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache data. In Google Chrome, press the Ctrl + Shift + Del hotkey.


1. Press Ctrl + H.

2. The History page will open

3. On the left side Click on Clear browsing data. Netflix Site Error


  1. Select the All-Time option for the time range
  2. Select the Cookies and Cached data options
  3. Click the Clear data button
  4. And your cookies and cache will be cleared.

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Solution 4: Use Netflix on another device to Fix Netflix Site Error

If you are still facing the error, you can sign in to another device. Make sure you first sign out from the device you are currently using to access Netflix.  Sometimes there is an issue with Netflix service if you face an error saying “Netflix is currently unable to connect your account to the Netflix service”

You can try again later in that case.

Sim Not Provisioned MM#2..

Solution 5: Fixing Minor Issues Can Help too

If you are still facing any errors, there might be an issue with your Netflix account. make sure you put your correct email and password and you make no mistake while entering your information. 

Try to reset your Netflix account password. you can do it by your phone number or email which you have provided to Netflix. 

Make sure you are not signed in to other devices. 

Upgrade your connections or move your router for better connectivity.

I hope one of these strategies worked for you from this guide.

Let me know by leaving down the comment below if you found any other workable solution for the Netflix site error. 

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