Where to Buy Asus ROG Ally from? Expected Retailers

Asus has brought a revolution in handheld gaming technology, and here we have mentioned the Asus ROG Ally expected and confirmed retailers.

Asus ROG Ally has secured the spot of being one of the best handheld gaming consoles with its powerful processor, the capability of an upgradable eGPU, and its extensive gaming library. By far, the console has dominated its comparison. Nintendo Switch vs. ROG Ally is not even a debate anymore since now you can play Nintendo games on ROG Ally without lagging or stuttering.

Carrying all the good factors and amazing compatibility perks, ROG Ally is setting a new trend in the gaming industry.

Therefore, we have mentioned the ROG Ally expected and confirmed retailers to help you in guiding you where to buy the ROG Ally from.

Where to Buy Asus ROG Ally? Expected and Confirmed Retailers

Here we have mentioned ROG Ally expected and confirmed retailers from different regions so you can keep an eye on your nearest stores or purchase them online from the following sources.

Asus ROG Ally Expected and Confirmed Retailers in the USA

You can purchase Asus ROG Ally in the US region from the following retailers.

Asus ROG Ally Expected and Confirmed Retailers in the UK

There are only two retailers for Asus ROG Ally in the United Kingdom region, which are mentioned below.

Asus ROG Ally Expected and Confirmed Retailers in Canada

Luckily, the Asus Store for Canada features Asus ROG Ally for the same, and you can also buy it from BestBuy since the other retailers are still expected to feature the console.

What is the Official Price of Asus ROG Ally?

The official price of ROG Ally is listed below for each variant available for the handheld console. These are the prices of base 512GB models, and the overall price may vary depending on the console’s storage (i.e., 1TB or 2TB).

  • AMD Z1 Extreme Processor 512GB: $699.99 / £699
  • AMD Z1 Processor 512GB: $599.99 / £599
Price of Asus ROG Ally

Final Words

The price tag of ROG Ally may sound equal to the cost of a mid-range gaming PC, but so is the performance. Compared to other handheld gaming consoles in the market, ROG Ally performs better, and that’s why it costs more. So, before it runs out of stock, make sure to get your hands on one asap.


How Can I Buy Asus ROG Ally Outside US, UK, or Canada?

You can buy the international variant of ROG Ally from Amazon if it allows shipping in your region, and it won’t come with any region-specific restrictions.

Can You Upgrade Storage on ROG Ally?

The internal SSD storage on ROG Ally is not upgradeable. But you can insert an SD card as a source for external storage that expands the space for more games.

How Long Can You Play Games on ROG Ally?

The Asus ROG Ally battery life lasts up to 6 hours watching YouTube or Netflix and provides a playtime of 2 to 3 hours for gaming.

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