Top 4 Steam Deck Mods You Must Try in 2023!

If you’ve been itching to customize and personalize your handheld gaming console, try these top 4 Steam Deck Mods Today!

Steam Deck mods allow you to unlock the possibilities for your console so that you can do more than usual with the same hardware but with a wide range of software. The original firmware and software installed by Valve may seem a bit underwhelming for us gamers since we are always hoping for improvements and modifications.

Fortunately, Steam Deck mods can make things convenient by providing a new range of options and features we long for. In this article, we have brought over 4 types of software-related Steam Deck mods you must try in 2023.

1. Decky Loader

Decky Loader Plugin Steam Deck Mod

The first one on our list is the most useful mode, which is more like a plugin you can install for free. Decky Loader unlocks your access to many new Steam Deck plugins. The Decky Loader and all the other plugins can be accessed directly via the Steam Deck quick menu, making it easier to access many options.

2. EmuDeck

EmuDeck Steam Deck Mods

Having a Steam Deck means you can carry your favorite games anywhere. But if you want to enjoy the retro games from the era of PlayStation 2, then it may not be available for the latest handheld gaming consoles. In that case, we recommend installing EmuDeck to get the emulator gaming experience in a 2-in-1-like console. Hence, you can play multiple games like Pokémon Go and many more without having a separate console.

3. VibrantDeck

VibrantDeck Mod for Steam Deck

VibrantDeck is one of the Steam Deck plugins you can install via the Decky Loader to adjust screen saturation and vibrance. This plugin works perfectly across all games in Steam Deck and makes it easier to take the shade on Steam Deck. This plugin is very useful to enhance the Steam Deck performance on TV, and it works perfectly even if you have connected Steam Deck to a TV.

4. CryoUtilities

CryoUtilities mod for Steam Deck

Are your games not launching on Steam Deck? Or do the frame rates keep dropping on Steam Deck? Then CryoUtilities is the solution to all your problems. CryoUtilities is a very effective tool developed by a Steam Deck community member that helps improve gaming performance. This tool is designed to give you access to the true hardware power of the console by taking advantage of Linux’s openness to manipulate the resources.

Final Words

Steam Deck mods enhance your ability to get the best advantage of your console without wasting a single buck. The software mods are always worth installing as you experience a more personalized and customized version of Steam Deck.


Is it Safe to Install Mods on Steam Deck?

Yes, the handheld compatibility and openness of the console make it easier to install mods, and it is completely safe.

Is it Legal to Mod Steam Deck?

Generally, it is not legal because Steam may not assist it if something goes wrong with the console due to that specific mod.


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