Elden Ring: What Is the Recommended Meta PvP Level

Elden Ring, months after its release was the hottest topic in gaming and still, it is.

And now many players are waiting for Elden Ring DLC.

The online feature that players enjoy is Players versus Players.

No matter how much you have played Elden Ring, one still cannot discover all the secrets the Lands Between hold.

PvP also helps you in testing your potential and build.

You can engage with three types of PvP,

What are those?

Let’s see!

Three Types of PvPs:

These are the three types of PvPs in Elden Ring.

1| Invasion:

In this type, you can invade another player’s world as a “Recusant” or “Bloody Finger”. You’ll not be targeted by the enemies and your compass will point towards the host player [Host of Finger]. If you want to retreat or want to approach the enemy from another side, you’ll be given three Phantom Bloody Finger Items at the start.

elden ring

But in this type of PvP, you are at a disadvantage because you only get half of your mana flasks and healing each time you invade and the enemy can summon two “Furled Fingers” to make it a 3v1 fight. And you are not allowed to use a Rune Arc.

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2| Duels:

If you want a fair and even fight then Duels are the best option. In this type of PvP, you are summoned by the enemy as you cannot invade other’s worlds. Still, they can’t use Rune Arc and get half of their flasks.

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3| Co-op & Hunting:

Not want to become an invader but want to fight one? Then for this type of PvP try jumping into Elden Ring Co-op as a Furled Finger summon. In this way, you help the host from the invaders and can also help them in a fight against the level’s enemies, minibosses, and main boss.

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Another way is to activate the Blue Cipher Ring that will summon you into other worlds that have invaders. Your purpose is to hunt that invader but besides this, you can also help the host with level enemies. You’ll be removed from the world when you kill the invader.

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Elden Ring Recommended Meta PvP Level:

In PvP matches, you are matched against the players depending on your current level and your highest upgraded weapon. So your level for PvP matches does matter.

The recommended meta PvP level is 125-150 in Elden Ring.


  • Balance becomes too strong
  • You can create an appropriate build
  • The recommended level allows for hitting the soft caps of Vigor, Endurance, and an additional damage stat
  • An additional Mind Stat for spell casters
  • The recommended level allows for 60 Vigor options

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