Top 10 Elden Ring Tips & Tricks

Here comes the Tips & Tricks of your favorite game, Elden Ring

This game is breaking all records, just after 2 weeks of release, according to SteamDB it reaches almost 1M concurrent players on Steam and many top Streamers are streaming Elden Ring on Twitch.

I’ve gathered some tips and tricks of Elden ring for you which will be helpful during your journey.

Newcomers to Elden Ring may find some of its systems frustrating until they get used to the game. These are a few of our Elden Ring tips to help you get off the ground, especially if you’re new to FromSoft games. The following tips will help you get a better handle on your surroundings and start moving in the right direction.

1: Don’t get into Unnecessary Fights

Elden Ring is a massive game, and you can go in any direction you like. The fact that you can ride your horse through bushes without being seen and outrun most enemies gives you a lot of freedom.

However, this also means there are a lot of enemies and wandering bosses that are well above your level. You should run from or give them their own space until later in the game when they’ll be much easier to defeat. For example, the first boss is optional, so don’t fight it until you’re further into Elden Ring.

1. Dont get into Unnecessary Fights

Make sure to talk to all the NPCs you meet. They all have something interesting to say or might help you solve a quest. Remember that some of them are not interested in fighting right away, so be patient and give them their space. Most of them will come around eventually. There is no rush. Just make sure they are not hostile and then leave them alone when you notice they don’t want to fight.

2: Torch is Must!

A torch is the first thing you’ll want to buy before you venture into any dungeons, as there are very few caves and tunnels that are pitch black. The merchant Kalé is just outside of Church of Elleh, a stepping stone from the tutorial area, so head north from there to find him. He also sells some useful items for your adventure, so feel free to stop by and check it all out!

2. Torch is Must

3: Use Dual Wield Weapons!

When you equip two of the same weapons, your character will enter a “power stance” that lets you unleash a special attack. Of course, this means you’ll be without a shield for those few seconds, but the extra damage is worth it in the long run. Power stances don’t require two identical weapons, any weapons of the same type will do, like two straight swords or two daggers.

3. Use Dual Wield Weapons

Try out different power stance attacks [don’t forget to jump] to find what combo works best for you and experiment with different weapon combinations to discover your favorite playstyle. After all, you can dodge an enemy attack better than you can block it.

4: Strengthen your Build

Once you’ve chosen your character class at the beginning of Elden Ring, then you’ll want to start leveling up your Attributes immediately. Upgrade your class’s best Attributes as well as some Vigor and Endurance, because this will really help you play to the strengths of that particular build.

If you really want to specialize and mess around with your Attributes, then you’ll be able to find a particular item that can be exchanged to reallocate spent Attribute points, but it’s quite far into the game. This goes for improving your armaments with Smithing Stones too.

4. Strengthen your Build

If you’ve got a trusty sword or other weapons, stick to upgrading just that weapon, as you don’t want to spread your Smithing Stones across improving several mediocre weapons when you could have a single excellent one that’ll see you through some tough bosses.

5: Use Map Markers

By exploring and finding map fragments, you’ll fill out Elden Ring’s map, but there is an important extra thing to know, you can put up to 100 custom markers on locations beyond the standard waypoints.

5. Use Map Markers

These are really helpful because once you find a lot of things, they don’t show up on the map anymore. If you haven’t turned them into waypoints, use these custom markers to keep track of everything, and it will be easier than trying to remember what was there.

6: Explore Limgrave Thoroughly

You can take a break from the main path early on to do some exploring. This is a fantastic way to get a handle on the game before some of the tougher story bosses and level up early, which is good because it makes the game easier and helps you find gear to make your life easier.

6. Explore Limgrave Thoroughly

Start your Elden Ring adventure by spending some time exploring the game’s massive hub area, known as Limgrave. There are plenty of places to explore, including a merchant’s shack, which should be your first stop. The merchant sells powerful weapon upgrades called Ashes of War. Additionally, scattered around the map are Sites of Grace, which make it easy to warp between areas of interest.

7: Use Spirit Ashes & NPC Summons

Don’t miss out on the Spirit Bell when you first enter Elden Ring. After the opening hour, find a church near the first Site of Grace [bonfire]. Go there at night and talk to the woman with the big hat. If you can’t find her, go to the Game’s Hub, Roundtable Hold and buy it from two dead maidens [don’t ask me how this is possible, it’s a FromSoftware game].

Throughout the Land Between there are bosses and groups of enemies in the open world that are difficult to defeat without really careful play, so you can often defeat them much more easily by splitting their attention with AI allies. Whenever you enter a new area or room, check if you get an icon on the bottom left of your screen that enables summons.

7. Use Spirit Ashes NPC Summons

You’ll be able to find and unlock lots of lethal companions including skeletons, archers, and wolves. If you explore enough, you’ll even be able to upgrade them to do more damage. If you ever find a yellow summon sign in the first dungeon, Stormveil Castle, be sure to check out the courtyard. You can find an NPC summon there that will help you fight the final boss of the zone.

8: Golden Trees & Churches can Upgrade your Health Flasks

Items that you’ll use most often in Elden Ring are your Flasks of Crimson Tears and possibly your Flasks of Cerulean Tears if you’re a spellcaster. These restore health and FP, but their limited use and the fact they normally only get restored at Places of Grace means you have to be careful about how they’re used. That’s why you need to look for small Golden Trees [not the towering ones, these are barely taller than you] and ruined Churches.

Golden Trees Churches can Upgrade your Health Flasks

These are both found all over Elden Ring and the Lands Between, with Golden Seeds being found at the base of Golden Trees, while Sacred Tears being found inside ruined Churches. These items are both used at Places of Grace to upgrade your Flasks, Golden Seeds increase how often you can use them, while Sacred Tears increase how much HP or FP they give you. Because of how often you rely on Flasks to stay alive, this makes Seeds and Tears some of the most valuable items in the game.

9: Make the most out of your Quick items

Equip your weapons, defensive items, and spells to the “quick select” menu to access them more quickly. To do this, hold R1 or L1 and then press the direction on the D-pad that corresponds to the slot you want to equip another item onto. The first slot on the quick select menu will be skipped if you press down on the D-pad.

9. Make the most out of your Quick items

Weapons and spell casting items can only be equipped there, while defensive items can be used in any slot. If your quick select menu fills up, hold Triangle [PS3] or Y [Xbox 360] and then press down on the D-pad to equip your horse whistle, which you should definitely carry with you at all times for healing purposes!

10: Use Guard Countering

One of Elden Ring’s most useful new features is a guard counter, useful against high-health enemies that can take a lot more punishment than most. To use it, block an enemy’s attack and press the heavy attack button immediately afterward. This will launch you forward and deal a strong retaliatory blow.

10. Use Guard Countering

Against enemies with large health bars, this often breaks their stance and stuns them for a short time, you can take advantage of this to land further critical hits or finish them off entirely. Just remember to avoid leaving yourself open by using guard counters at the end of enemy combos.

I hope you found these tips and tricks useful during the game.

If you have more Tips and Trick, do let us know in the comment section so we can add them too.