Elden Ring DLC: Everything We Know So Far

Are you ready for Elden Ring DLC?

Elden Ring, months after its release was the hottest topic in gaming and still, it is.

Now players are waiting for what Elden Ring DLC will bring.

FromSoftware has remained tight-lipped about Elden Ring DLC but we have sourced some rumors and theories related to Elden Ring DLC and FromSoftware has also made some mentions of DLC.

Here’s what we have calculated about the future Elden Ring DLC.

When is Elden Ring DLC Coming?

FromSoftware has not confirmed anything officially we can only calculate and make assumptions from the past releases.

FromSoftware announced the DLCs of their games after almost 6-7 months and they arrive after 1-2 months.

elden ring 1

If we see, that Elden Ring was released on 25th February 2022 it means we can expect Elden Ring DLC announcement in either August or September, and the DLC can arrive this Winter.

But these are our self-made calculations the game can take more time.

Rumors & Theories:

Here we have rounded up some theories and rumors and most of these are conceived when Lance McDonald posted some videos and shoes hidden assets in the game’s file.

PvP Arena:

A new arena-style Colosseum was found by players in the game’s file means in future PvP can be seen in Elden Ring DLC. This means you’ll get a place strictly for PvP rather than randomly invade players.

Divine Towers Map Theory:

Many Elden Ring players have noticed that all the Divine Towers on the Lands Between point towards the clouded area which is in the middle of the map.

We can assume that FromSoftware has planned something on this map section in the Elden Ring DLC.

Palace of Miquella & Mohgwyn:

You must have heard about Melania’s brother, Miquella plenty of times throughout the game but you never met him directly. When he was taken by Mohgwyn, he was tortured till he fell into slumber and hasn’t woken up.

elden ring

Whenever you defeated Mohgwyn, you can see the lifeless hand of Miquella through a crack in the cocoon but it was never confirmed whether he was dead or not.

Many players now assume that Miquella has some sort of a connection to St. Trina and his story is not finished yet.

Important Events:

FromSoftware can take the series in different directions from these events:

Night of the Black Knives:

The first Demigod, Godwyn the Golden falls during the Night of Black Knives. In the Deeproot Depths or Stromveil Castle, remnants of his body can be seen. A piece of the Rune of the Death was stolen from Maliketh during the Night of the Black Knives.

Ranni wanted to use it on herself to escape her body, but she never intended to kill Godwyn with it. The Black Knives were formed when a piece of the Rune o Death was stolen.

elden ring 2

The fraction we see many times throughout Elden Ring is Black Knives. It would be interesting if we played through the events that transpired during the Night of the Black Knives.

The Shattering:

An event that proceeds the Elden Ring Campaign. After the death of Godwyn the Golden, the ring was broken by Queen Marika during the shattering. Greater Will got triggered to abandon the Lands Between by this.

The Lands Between became a place of war when the Ring shattered and scattered. And when the ring shattered, Great Runes were created and everyone wanted one of the pieces.

It would be interesting to see the Lands Between prior to the Shattering.

CO-OP Multiplayer Mod:

To expand Elden Ring’s online capabilities Nexus Mods released their seamless CO-OP multiplayer mod. Through this mod players will be able to play through the entirety of Elden Ring with up to three of their friends.

Convergence Mod:

Elden Ring is going to have a Convergence Mod as creators of the Dark Souls 3 Convergence Mod announced that they are working on it. The Convergence Mod in Dark Souls 3 bought so many new things Let’s see what it will bring in Elden Ring.

But this mod maybe won’t make it to Elden Ring DLC till next year as this mod took around 7 months to get released on Dark Souls 3.

Elden Ring Demake:

The latest released Elden Ring Demake brings the Lands Between to an 8-bit setting. It allows you to explore a few iconic locations.

That’s it for today, Stay Tuned for more information

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