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Elden Ring Classes: Which One Should You Pick?

Are you new to the Souls games? and you are wondering which type of class will suits you in Elden ring.

Some of the newbies in gaming also seek some help to identify the best classes in Elden ring for him.

Don’t worry about it!

The CPU Guide brings you the best tutorial to help you in choosing Elden Ring classes.

  • LVL = Level: The level of class in the Game
  • VIG = Vigor: Health(HP)
  • MND = Mind: Ability to cast a spell
  • END = Endurance: Stamina and equipment load
  • STR = Strength: Ability to take damage
  • DEX = Dexterity: More dexterity more damage you can cause to your enemies
  • INT = Intelligence: This is also required for doing magic and casting spells
  • FTH = Faith: Similar effect to intelligence
  • ARC = Arcane: More Arcane you have you can discover more items.

Here is the complete list of the classes available in the Elden Ring.

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Elden Rings Classes Stats

Elden ring, elden ring classes

Skills and Attributes of all Classes

ClassUnique Skills & Attributes
Vagabond✓ Newbie Friendly
✓ Highest Hp/Vigor
✓ Best for fighting but not suitable for magic
Warrior✓ Good class for an experienced gamer
✓ Highest Dexterity
✓ Superb weapons skills with low defense
Hero✓ One-handed attacking class
✓ Highest Strength stat
✓Good defense with equal attack power
Bandit✓ Stealth-based class (not suitable for a newbie)
✓ Highest in Arcane
✓ Good close up attacks
Astrologer✓ Magic based Class
✓ Best for casting spells with the highest intelligence
✓ Not suitable for close combats
Prophet✓ Healing class suitable for multiplayer
✓ Super high attacking accuracy
✓ Hybrid classes help you in all aspect
Samurai✓ Good class for a newbie
✓ Very balanced strength/dexterity
✓ Best for close combat
Prisoner✓ Come with high Dexterity/Intelligence
✓ Best for casting spells
✓ Super combo of magic and swordplay
Confessor✓ Super balanced character for swordplay and casting spells
✓ Low in defense
✓ Suitable in close combat
Wretch✓ This character is not suitable for newbie
✓ All stats are constant at 10
✓ Good for those who want to build a character from scratch

If you are still confused about choosing a character and want to see the gameplay of each class then here is the video guide to help you choose wisely.

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Video Guide: Detailed Gameplay of Each Class

Now hopefully you make up your mind about the class you wanted to play within Elden ring.

I hope now you understand Elden Ring Classes.

If you have any queries or suggestions feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section down below or you can reach us on our social handles.

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How many classes will Elden Ring have?

Elden Ring has 10 classes in the game which included:
1. Vagabond
2. Warrior
3. Hero
4. Bandit
5. Astrologer
6. Prophet
7. Samurai
8. Prisoner
9. Confessor
10. Wretch

Do classes matter in Elden Ring?

No, the Elden ring allows their player to customize their class stats according to as per requirements.

Can you change your class Elden Ring?

Yes, but you need to restart the whole game if you thinking to change the class in the midway then

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