Discord Text Markdown

Discord Markdown lets you add Meaning / Text Formatting Styles to your chats.

Ever wanted to Spice up and add flavor to your Chats in Discord? Discord Markdown is the way to go!

Discord Markdown: Text Formatting Styles

Discord Markdown is the most lightweight and simple markup language created in 2004. It’s the backbone of text formatting in Discord as it uses symbols to format words into Bold, Italics, and underlined, and much more.

So, let the fun begin, Shall we?

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Bold Text In Discord Text Formatting

So it’s quite simple.

All you need to do is where you type your text in discord just write the text and put Two asterisks/star symbol before it and after the text which you can apply by just pressing Shift key + 8 and the result will be something like this:

**bolded text**


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How To Italicize/slanted Text In Discord Markdown

So all you need to do is do the same step as above but with a small change.

You just have to put one Asterisk/star symbol at the beginning and at the end of your sentence by pressing Shift + 8 keys and here’s what it will look like:

*Italicized Text*

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Create Bold and Italicized Text In Discord

You just have to type the text in the message box but this time with three Asterisks/Star symbols at the start and end of your text. For example:

***Bold Italicized Text***


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Underline Text In Discord Markdown Text Formatting

If you want your text to be underlined all you need to do is add two underscores one at the start and the other at the end.

For example:

_Underlined Text_

If you are interested in a combination of Text Formatting that’s possible too.

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Underline And Bolded Text In Discord

For this, you just need to put an Underscore first and then two Asterisks/star symbols:

_**Your Text**_

Underline And Italicized Text In Discord

Just do the same step as above but it’s slightly changed. It will look like this:

_*Your Text*_

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Underlined, Bolded, And Italicized Text In Discord Markdown

After this, you will have a combination of all three formatting text styles which comes like this:

_***Your Text***_

Create Strikethrough Text In Discord

For this, we just need to use the tilde (~) symbol, two at the start and two at the end which will look like this:

~~Your Text~~

So I hope you know about Discord Markdown Text Formatting.

How do you color text in discord?

Changing Text Color in Discord requires a bit of code, and I’ll let you know how:

Red Color Text in Discord

Red Color text will appear

Yellow Color Text in Discord

Yellow text will appear
Only the above line will appear

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Green Color Text in Discord

Green Colored Text

Now it’s your turn to try all the exciting combinations and have fun.

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