Discord Screen Share With Go Live

discord screen share go live

Have you tried Discord screen share with Go Live on your mobile and computer?


Earlier, up to 10 users could video chat on discord before but now discord has made things more user friendly by allowing up to 50 users


Only through Go live feature, you also now can screen share on Discord?

Discord is the most commonly used platform and not only it allows video calls but also you can share your screen while on a video call.

Stick this guide, if you are wondering How do I stream my screen on Discord?

How to Stream/Share My Screen With Discord Go Live?

So here’s all you need to do is follow these simple steps to share your screen

  1.  Join a voice channel in your server
  2. After joining in you will see a Go Live button in the voice status panel
  3. A panel will pop up and you can select any application window to share.
  4. And in the application option, you can share your entire screen and you can do the same by clicking the screens option
  5. After you have decided which screen to share then you are ready to press the Go Live button and start sharing
  6. Moreover, if you want to change the shared screen you can change it directly while streaming through the Go Live panel.Discord Screen Share With Go Live

You can use this Go Live screen share feature only on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


if you are thinking of using it on your mobile phone then don’t because it’s not available there.

Did Discord remove your server’s screen share ability?

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Discord Screen Share With Go Live

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Go Live Permissions

So the good news is if you are the owner of the server then you have the full authority to edit the permissions of Go Live,

To give access to certain server members to stream.

And here’s how you can do it

  1. Go to server settings in Discord and then to Roles tab for specific permission into the server
  2. Now scroll down to permission list and allow voice permission to enable Go Live

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Discord Screen Share Go Live Pop Out

The Pop-Out feature will allow you to open your stream to a separate window.

It can be resized to your heart’s content.


If you want your Pop Up window above all other windows then just simply click Stay On Top option

To undo this, use Remove from options.

So that’s it and now you can go and enjoy your Go Live feature and do comment if it works for you.

I have more helpful articles too if your Discord Runs into problems.

Discord Screen Share With Go Live

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