Apple Watch Series 8 is Getting More Human!

The reason is its inclusion of a body temperature sensor that can respectfully tell whether you are running a fever, according to prolific Apple leaker Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. This could at some point be game-changing for detecting illness at its earliest

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Now, obviously don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it is going to spit out the exact reading. However, it is the realization of a spike in body temperature that then encourages you to have a word with your doctor. 

Gurman further expressed that the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch Rugged Edition could also get this feature. However, there is no consent on this for Apple Watch SE 2

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Apple leaker Mark further said that the included body temperature sensor still has to pass internal testing. It will then make it available for the upcoming Watch Series 8 as well as the rumored rugged smartwatch for extreme sports athletes

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Sources from The Wall Street Journal and Gurman indicate that this added feature could be of great help in:

  1. Fertility tracking
  2. The shifts in body temperature would indicate the likelihood of getting pregnant; or,
  3. Predict when they’re going to get their period

Gurman further on squints at minor changes for the new Apple Watch Series 8. This means that the Watch 8 processor will have the same level of performance as the previous S7 or S6 – a seriously disappointing step.

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The same rebranding of the processor means no increase in the power of the chip. This means that the new chip will have the same specifications as the S7. Similarly, we see no increase in the battery life above and beyond 18 hours.

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