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Design Revelation of Apple Watch Series 8

Leaks and Rumors can be accurate sometimes so we shouldn’t take them lightly.

It seems like a competition between Google and Apple, as Google introduces a bunch of new products at Google I/O including the new Google Pixel Watch, most of them launching this fall.

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So how can Apple stay behind?

apple watch

From a new report, we’ve heard that this fall apple is launching its Apple Watch models.

What’s coming?

Let’s see together!


Three Apple Watches are coming this fall,

  • One is obviously Apple Watch Series 8
  • The original Apple SE is now getting older so a new Apple Watch SE
  • And the third one, an Extreme Edition, is said to be for the sports fan and most likely it will be ruggedized.

About design?

I think we already know the design from rumors.

Do you remember we were about to receive the flat-edge, flat-screen design for the Apple Watch Series last fall?

We never got that design, instead, we received a much different and tougher design than the rest of the Apple Watch Series.

Many were assuming that if the design was not for the Apple Watch Series 7 then it must be coming this fall.

But you were wrong!

According to iDropNews, we should not expect a redesign or a flat edge, they’ll just have a simple internal update.

apple watch

Let’s Talk About Price:

Personally, it bothers me when some company introduces its product and remains tight-lipped about the price, but this curiosity is all the marketing. IKR?

In this case, iDropNews stated:

I have not heard many details about the Extreme Edition yet, but do not expect it to be cheaper than the series 8, which will be priced at $399.

If they are going to charge extra for adding more resistance to the Sporty Watch, then it seems fine.

Okay, let’s just compare this to the first Apple Watch which came in three versions, the Sport Watch was the cheapest.

We cannot say much about the price yet, we’ll have to wait for more leaks so we can see what’s inside the Watch or from what materials they are made because this will affect the price.

If you’ve got more info about this, share them in the comment section.

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