Hidden Gems You Shouldn’t Miss Before the Steam Summer Sale Ends!

The Steam Summer Sale is not ended yet!

You have got so much more to see which you’re probably missing right now.

Each year, Steam puts the new and year’s best-selling games on sale for you to enjoy.

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The sale will end on July 7 but before that I want you to look at these games that you might haven’t noticed yet and these are at a steep discount.

So you should definitely not miss these!

1| Beacon

Game: [was: $8.19 | now: $4.91 – 40% off]


After a crash landing on an unknown planet, you play as an interstellar mercenary, she searches for her distress beacon. You collect DNA, items, and weapons from the enemies you defeat.

After your inevitable death, you got the opportunity to alter your genome which allows you to change your statistic, and for your next clon’s life, you gain gameplay-altering physical mutations.

Are you ready to help her in finding her beacon?

2| Weaving Tides

Game: [was: $8.49 | now: $4.24 – 50% off]

Weaving Tides

Weaving Tides is a single-player adventure game set in the world of textile and magic. Ride into the world of magic on the back of your carpet dragon. You stitch and cut your way through the textile landscape and you face your foes and conquer tricky dungeons and puzzles by using the weaver’s abilities.

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3| Forza Polpo

Game: [was: $7.49 | now: $5.24 – 30% off]

Forza Polpo

The world has been destroyed in 199X, it’s your time now to defeat evil Dr. Prometheus by using your brave octopus robot in Japan which is frozen in time.

The game is full of neons, lasers, and tiny robots. This game may seem cute but it is surprisingly hardcore. And this game is still in deep Early Access.

4| Venineth

Game: [was: $8.19 | now: $3.27 – 60% off]


A single-player game that focuses on untangling the mysteries of ancient alien technology. The landscape is full of weird devices and abstract shapes.

It features 20 places to explore and physics-based puzzles with varied mechanics. Are you ready to solve an untold mystery?

5| Onirism

Game: [was: $7.79 | now: $4.28 – 45% off]


An action-adventure game in which you play as Carol. Carol is a girl full of imagination and energy with a little bit of attitude too. Her favorite bunbun plushie is stolen by a mysterious creature that appears in the middle of the night in her bedroom through a portal.

She, without any hesitation, jumped into that portal. She ends up in Crearia, a world full of fantastic strange looking lifeforms.

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6| DAP

Game: [was: $6.79 | now: $3.39 – 50% off]


It’s all up to you now.

Dap is a horror-action-adventure game in which it’s your responsibility to protect a pack of small, fragile creatures.

Something evil has descended onto the forest and it’s your responsibility to guide a group of tiny “Daps” and get everybody home.

Ready to take responsibility?

7| The Vale: Shadow of the Crown:

Game: [was: $8.19 | now: $4.91 – 40% off]

The Vale Shadow of the Crown

You’ll find this game audio-based and has no graphics, people without sight can also play this game.

You play as Alex, she is a princess of land called the Glads. Alex was born blind and due to this, her father banishes her so that Alex’s brother can easily become the next ruling monarch.

She’s out on her own now, you must help her.

8| Project Starship X:

Game: [was: $6.99 | now: $3.49 – 50% off]

Project Starship X

A Rogue-like, weird, challenging shooter game where you can CRASH-KILL comical abominations. You’ll take the role of the tentacled-yet-hip Swagthulhu.

You’ll be able to crash your ship straight through the enemy with a multi-purpose dodge machine and tons of crazy pick-ups.

9| Lovely Planet Remix:

Game: [was: $6.99 | now: $3.49 – 50% off]

Lovely Planet Remix

Lovely Planet Remix is a first-person shooter game. Double jump in the mountains, quickstep with a pistol or stick to the classic gun ballet, It’s your choice.

10| Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya:

Game: [was: $3.49 | now: $2.61 – 25% off]

Touhou Mystias Izakaya

A relaxing management game in which Lorelei wants to chase her dream and want to become the most popular izakaya owner.

Gather ingredients, serve meals to town folks, and more to enjoy.

11| Golden Krone Hotel:

Game: [was: $5.49 | now: $1.37- 75% off]

Golden Krone Hotel

A gothic horror roguelike game in which you can fight vampires with sunlight or become a vampire yourself and hide in the shadows.

Your main mission is to kill a vampire prince called fane. You are armed with a sword, revolver, and spell book which will help you in your fight.

12| Northern Journey:

Game: [was: $6.19 | now: $4.64 – 25% off]

Northern Journey

A game that is set in Northern Land, with beautiful and very varied wildness. You have to reach cold mountains and for that, you need weapons to fight 50 unique bosses and enemy types.

A fast and nimble game that passes dark humor and dread vibes.

13| Nordic Warriors:

Game: [was: $8.19 | now: $3.27 – 60% off]

Nordic Warriors

A real-time tactical game that is set in a descending world that is struggling for survival. This game will use your brain more as you have to combine strategy with tactical skills.

This game draws a lot of inspiration from the Myth series. You lead an army of warriors to fight against the undead hordes.

14| Alice and Smith Investigation Games Bundle:

Game: [was: $36.43 | now: $6.79 – 81% off]

Alice and Smith Investigation Games Bundle

A trio of ARG-adjacent investigation adventure games. Fully immerse yourself in their interwind universe with more than 150 uniquely crafted puzzles and an ever-evolving storyline.

15| Spectacular Sparky

Game: [was: $6.99 | now: $2.30 – 67% off]

Spectacular Sparky

This game is, inspired by white-gloved 16-bit video game mascots, an action-packed shooter game with wacky characters, explosive weapons, and boss battles to treasure.

In this game you as Sparky who is a bounty hunter and can fire his weapons in any direction, dash through obstacles and extend his jump by flapping his long bunny-like ears.

Now hurry up before you get late!

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