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Intended To Combat Carbon Emissions: Amazon Has Transitioned To E-Assisted Vehicles

Amazon has embarked on a new form of “delivery labour” where E-bikes have occupied the appearance of mini-trucks with the aim of making the country cleaner and clearer. The attempt to take traditional vans off the street and replace them with e-cargo bikes is a step towards a global net-zero carbon future, according to John Boumphrey (UK country manager of Amazon).


Amazon with its fleet of electric cargo bikes and a team of on-foot delivery staff plan to declutter the congested roads of London.

This “micro-mobility” hub in the London borough of Hackney is planning to do around three to five million deliveries a year.

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The “traditionally replaced van” deliveries will come into effect within one-tenth of London’s ultra-low emissions zone postcode districts. Here, the vehicles that emit some sort of carbon elements are charged a fee. Electric mini-trucks like this are not bound to pay the charge.

We applaud Amazon for the “transformation of the transportation network”.

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