New Updates in iOS16, iPadOS16, macOS13 & watchOS9

Apple’s WWDC event is getting closer day by day,

And everyone is getting curious about what Apple will unveil at the event.

At this year’s WWDC event, everyone is expecting that Apple will release the major software updates to all of its operating systems.

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But you don’t have to wait for the WWDC as through some leaks and reports we know some features that might be included in the upcoming updates.

iOS 16:

As far as we’ve heard, some new apps and features will be seen in this iOS update.

An Always-On Display:

A software feature is coming that will enable the always-on display, which shows Info like date, notification, and time just like some Samsung smartphones. And some changes in the lock screen that includes widget-like capabilities of wallpaper.

ios 16

Updated Messages:

Not much is known about this only that it will feature “more social network functionality“.

Health App Updated:

An updated version of the Health App which will feature medicine management means you’ll be able to scan the pills bottle in the app, sleep tracking functionality, and women’s health features.

ios 16

Accessibility Features Improved:

More features will be added for the users with disabilities so that they can “connect, navigate and make most out of the Apple’s product”.

A door detection feature is one, with the help of this, the user can locate the door, how far is it, is it open or closed, how a door can be opened, by knob or by a handle, and can read door numbers before the user arrives at the destination.

ios 16

Car Crash Detection:

Rumors suggested that there is going to be a car crash detection feature. This feature will detect the collision and will automatically call the emergency numbers.

Emergency Satellite Features:

Apple is planning to add a new feature that is called the “satellite-based emergency” feature. With the help of this feature, users will be able to send messages in an emergency situation when there is no cellular service.

Live Captions:

A live Caption feature is to be added in iOS 16 for the deaf community. It will caption the audio in real-time and is not limited to any app. You can also use this to have a chat with a person next to you.

New Feature in Apple Pay:

A new feature is added to Apple Pay called “buy now pay later“, which means you’ll be able to pay in installments for the Apple Pay Purchases.

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iPadOS 16:

iPadOS 15 bought some much-needed features to the iPad like better notification management and quick note functionality. Now let’s see what iPadOS 16 will bring.

M1 Native Apps:

The main problems owners of the iPad Pro range owners was that the software doesn’t take the advantage of the M1 chipset available.

Now according to iDropNews, Mac-level first-party app support is added to iPadOS 16. Apple is also planning to launch XCode, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro. This could be a huge plus for the artists and creatives.

ipados 1

Floating App Windows:

Rumors say that Apple is developing a smart system for iPadOS that will allow the apps to operate in full screen but it will automatically shrink whenever a keyboard and trackpad are connected.

Interactive Widgets:

Apple will most likely release the interactive widgets in the iPadOS 16, it will allow you to control the apps right from your Home Screen. And some reports even say that we might get widgets on the lock screen.

Icons Makeover:

According to iDropNews, maybe there’s a makeover coming to the iPad‘s app icons. New looks for the icons are maybe on their way and the report claims that the icons will look fairly similar to the macOS Monterey icons.


Improved Multitasking:

As suggested by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, an Improved Multitasking Mode is coming to iPadOS 16 which will enable the “freely resizeable windows“.

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macOS 13:

This year Apple is very tight-lipped about the macOS 13. We only know a few details about the macOS 13.


Following the pattern of the name releases, Mammoth is the name expected for the macOS 13. In the past, Apple has chosen California’s landmarks names and Mammoth refers to the lake in California and it is close to Monterey, so this could be it.


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Rumored Features:

According to the well-connected Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that to bring it in more line with the Settings app, an overhauled System Performance will be added. We might see a makeover of the default apps.

I think you have to wait for the WWDC event to know more features about macOS 13.

watchOS 9:

Everyone is expecting watchOS 9 to be launched with the rumored Watch Series 8 at the WWDC 2022. But this update may not be released to the public until the end of the year. Here are some upcoming features of watchOS we know so far.

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Power Saving Mode:

You must be assuming that Apple Watch already has a low-power mode called Power reserve, so what’s new?

The power reserve mode is way too basic, it does make the power last four times longer but it also makes your watch useless as after enabling it you can only check the time.

According to Bloomberg, this new power-saving mode will enable the device to run some apps and features on low power.

What do you think about this?

watchos 9

Improved Health App:

It seems like Apple is very concerned about our health!

Because Apple is improving its Health App by adding more tools to it. These new tools include

  • Sleep tracking
  • Women’s health management
  • Mental wellness
  • Physical activity, and
  • Medicine management

The cool thing is with the medicine management feature, you’ll be able to scan the medicines.

Improved Atrial Fibrillation:

An updated version of the atrial fibrillation, According to Bloomberg, will be added to the watchOS 9. It will measure over a specific period of time to know how often a person is in the state of atrial fibrillation.

Watch Faces:

Not many details are known but as far as reports say, new watch faces and exercise modes will be added in the upcoming update.z

So are you ready for all these features?

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