How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration

Want to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration?

Are you frustrated with the faster movement of your cursor?

Don’t worry

We bring you the easiest way to Disable the mouse acceleration

before jumping to a solution let’s have a quick FAQ

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What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration is a feature given in the Windows 10 to enhance user experience while using windows

Mouse acceleration enables the user to Achieve more speed while you moving the cursor. This gives the user more speed with the cursor while less movement of the mouse.

While it’s making a better user experience for office workers or normal users but for gamers is a nightmare and causing less accuracy and making them lose the game.

let’s go and disable the mouse acceleration.

How to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10?

  1. Press the Start button
  2. There is a setting icon gear start setting
  3. Now a whole setting window will open
  4. Now select Devices device setting
  5. A new window will open now select the mouse optionmouse
  6. The mouse window will openmouse window will open e1623312057694
  7. Select the Additional mouse option mouse window will open 1 1
  8. Mouse properties will open
  9. Now select the pointer optionenhance 1
  10. Now uncheck the “Enhance pointer precision” option how to Turn off Mouse Acceleration
  11. Or you can check back to Turn on Acceleration
  12. Click on Apply then click open 

Hope this will turn off mouse acceleration

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