How to Fix Xbox Series X Overheating?

How To Stop Xbox Series X Overheating? Xbox series X turning off by itself?

As every gaming console produces a certain amount of heat and hets a little warm that you can place your hand easily on it.

But recently many Xbox series X users reported that their console gets too hot while playing games and

if you are one of them who have purchased it just now and Xbox Series X Overheating occurs then you would be really frustrated but you don’t need to worry much because we have found ways in which you can stop Xbox Series X Overheating below.

How do I stop my Xbox X series from overheating?

You can stop Xbox series x from overheating by:

  1. Making sure that Xbox is serviced regularly
  2. Keeping Xbox series x in a vertical position.
  3. Making sure that the warm air is flowing outside.
  4. And keep your console at least 6 inches away from the wall

Best Video Guide For Xbox Series X Overheating:

Solution 1: Clean Your Xbox Series X

Does the Xbox series X overheat?

The main cause of overheating is dust. Let’s say if you bought any gadget of your own choice you need to service it regularly for it to work properly.

So the same case is with your Xbox Series X if there are dust particles in your Xbox they reduce the fan speed and that fan blows out all the hot air and keeps your Xbox cool.

And if that fan isn’t working at its original speed then an Xbox Series X Overheating issue will occur.

To overcome Xbox Series X Overheating you need to take a feather duster and clean your console with it on regular basis and make sure no dust is left.

Also, make sure you don’t clean it with alcohol-based products as it might harm your Xbox, and whenever the console is not in use try covering it with a cloth so that the dust particles don’t go inside.

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Solution 2: Make Sure the Xbox Series X is in a Well-Ventilated Place

There has been no wrong way to store electronics. During use, they all continuously release heat at the same time, so more than a regular air supply is required to maintain the normal operation. This is the same as for the Xbox series X.

You could easily place a fan to continue blowing in that direction whenever it is in use,

or it can be easily installed on high platforms far away from other devices that are not affected by heat dissipation to get your Xbox Series X Overheating fixed.

Or what you can do is if you have an AC in your room you can turn it ON as in summers the temperature is too high and one of the reasons leading to Xbox Series X Overheating.

So the AC will help cool down your console and make sure it’s placed 6 inches away from the wall so that the heat doesn’t get trap inside and prevents Xbox Series X Overheating.

xbox series x overheating

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Solution 3: Break between Game Sessions to Fix Xbox Series X Overheating

It’s easy to end up with your consoles without a break. This is very common for regular gamers.

But this exercise is not necessary for the health of your console.

Maybe the only culprit behind your Xbox Series X overheating problem. Using the device for extended periods without regular breaks to allow it to cool down means insisting on working overtime.

And it will damage the internal components considerably. You should usually stop using the console when it gets too hot while playing really high fps games.

If you can’t break your gaming session abruptly, I suggest you use the Xbox Series X external cooling fan. This has been very helpful.

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Solution 4: Keep Your Xbox In a Vertical Position

If you really want Xbox Series X overheating issue to be gone then you need to place it in a vertical position.

Before you purchased your Xbox series X or when it was launched you may have noticed that Microsoft showed it vertically placed in all the pictures

as keeping it upright helped many users overcoming Xbox Series X overheating as the airflow gets better and the fans work series x overheating2

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Solution 5: Keep Away from Fibrous Material

Fibrous Material often does not circulate heat and causes Xbox Series X Overheating.

Do not place your Xbox series X on a carpet or rug with long fibers.

As there’s no room for ventilation and the warm air circulates inside the console instead of going out leading to Xbox series X overheating.

I hope you get to fix your Xbox series x overheating and the temperature might have been cool down after following the guide above.

Ans if you got any questions just let us know in the comment section.


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