FIX No POST with XMP DDR5 by updating BIOS! [Guide]

XMP RAMs have become influential in the gaming industry, but many beginners may not get POST with XMP DDR5, and here is how you can fix it.

XMP is labeled as the game-changing technology for PC building communities with its higher frequency support since your can overclock XMP RAM pretty easily with Intel Extreme Memory Profile. However, those beginners in PC building experienced that they did not get a post with XMP DDR5 after installing the RAM in their motherboard.

The main reason this issue occurs depends on the BIOS version of your motherboard and the motherboard’s compatibility with the RAM. Especially if your compare XMP DDR5 RAM with other options available in the market, this RAM seems more efficient and powerful. Therefore, to get the best potential of memory from your system, we have brought you a couple of fixes with reasons to state why you can’t get POST with XMP DDR5 RAM.

Solution for Getting POST With XMP DDR5 RAM

Fix #1: Update BIOS

The first fix is easy and worked with most users experiencing NO POST issues with XMP DDR5 RAM. First, you can check online if your motherboard supports the DDR5 with its latest firmware version.

Most of the motherboards, like the Aurous Z790, claim to support up to 128 gigs of RAM. So, if it works, you can update the BIOS, which is a pretty straightforward process. The motherboard’s compatibility is highly important, and you can also update it further if it supports XMP RAM. Hence it can also occur if your motherboard’s firmware does not support your XMP DDR5 RAM.

Fix #2: Change Slots

If you have installed RAMs in a couple of slots in your computer system, try changing the RAM sticks by installing the in different slots and boot your PC to see if you get a POST with them. It depends on how many RAM slots you have in your PC that you can try different combinations of arrangements.

Installing XMP RAM in motherboard

It is common that improperly installed RAM causes boot issues to your PC. So, once you have installed the RAM sticks in different slots, make sure to enable the XMP from your motherboard’s BIOS.

Final Words

XMP-enabled RAM overperforms its potential to give you the best gaming performance with the rest of the gaming hardware installed on your computer system. For first-time PC builders, they may not get POST with XMP RAM, and it seems quite frustrating when you have spent quite an amount on some expensive hardware, and it doesn’t work. Hopefully, the fixes we stated in this article will help you understand how to make the XMP RAM compatible with your PC.


Why Won’t XMP RAM Work After Installation?

You may have to adjust the voltage by setting VCCSA to 1.35v and VDDQ to 1.4v to make the XMP RAM work after installation. Apply these tune changes only if it does not work after installation.

Are DOCP and XMP the Same?

DOCP works with the AMD motherboard’s XMP protocol to automatically set time and date.

Does XMP Work with AMD?

XMP only works for Intel platforms and the processors under the Intel Core processor line.


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