10 Best PC Building Communities You Must Join in 2023!

Planning to build a new gaming PC and don’t know where to start? Join these PC Building communities to learn and share technical knowledge.

When it comes to building your own PC, it’s vital to get the best advice to avoid any technical issues. Whether it is about building or buying a gaming PC, the communities are always welcoming to their fellow PC gamers to guide them well for best prices, best hardware, and technical advice like finding the compatible CPU for the motherboard.

Therefore, we have gathered some communities from various social media platforms that you can join today if you plan to build a new gaming PC. In this article, we will enlist the 10 best pc building communities you must join, where thousands of experienced PC builders and gamers are always available to help you.

Why Should You Join PC Building Communities Online?

When it comes to PC building, we’re all looking for more straightforward solutions that can help us directly, like asking a person or professional to see if they’ve related to your problem. In addition to that, the following reasons are more like the benefits of joining these online communities.

  • By joining PC building communities, you get access to free technical support 24×7.
  • You can get expert opinions from thousands of experienced gamers and PC builders for free.
  • Latest news and updates on new releases and upcoming hardware from the gaming world.
  • You can find direct answers to any technical errors or hardware issues.
  • Purchase new and used hardware components from other PC builders at lower costs.
  • You get to show off and check out PC builds from other gamers who might be interested in selling their pre-built rigs.

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PC Building Communities on Reddit

Reddit is probably the most prominent social platform for gamers, making it a hub for many online PC-building communities. Hence, we have enlisted some of Reddit’s most popular and famous online gaming communities that you can join for free.

Build a PC Community

Build A PC PC Building Community

The biggest and most famous online community is the Build a PC community. This massive subreddit has over 6.3 million members and was created in 2010. Ever since this community has become famous for providing reliable advice on PC building with thousands of online members 24×7.

It’s one of those PC building communities where you can engage discussions and create a complete thread with the best answers from users’ experiences. Build a PC community provides quality advice with Discussion, Build Help, Troubleshooting, Build Ready, Peripherals, and Build Upgrades.

The top discussions in the community involve what GPU you should buy in 2023 and even the most technical topics like choosing the proper PSU for your PC. You can always find answers in hundreds and thousands to get the best out of your PC building experience.

Tailor Designed Builds

Tailor Designed

Don’t know how to build a gaming PC for that perfect gaming experience and looking for quality advice? This is the place for you. The Tailor Designed Builds is among the PC building communities dedicated to helping those looking to build their gaming PC.

Tailor Designed Builds covers everything from the basics of CPU and GPU to fixing technical issues like GPU consuming high usage on the idle state. This community provides free access to over 223 thousand members, with hundreds of online members to help you with PC building. The community is a hub for PC builders looking to buy and sell their custom gaming rigs.

You will find discussions on almost every topic related to PC building in this PC building. Plus, they have a very strict code with PC building where members provide brief descriptions, feature lists, and pricing on their uploaded builds. Moreover, they aim to keep the budget, and you will always find affordable options for pre-build PCs and hardware in the Tailor Designed builds.

Build Me A PC

Build Me A PC on Reddit

As the name of this community is pretty self-explanatory, Build Me A PC can help you to do exactly what it says by bringing an informative and productive community for discussion from thousands of members. It is one of the most popular PC building communities that has been among Reddit’s top 1% communities by size while being around for more than a decade.

Build Me A PC is your one-stop shop for finding pre-built gaming rigs, budget-friendly hardware, and technical advice on the best options. This community will help you with anything related to PC building, from finding high-end motherboards to settings the best-resolution gaming monitors.

You can also buy complete setups featuring pre-built gaming PCs and engage in discussions on finding the best price on the latest GPUs and CPUs. Build Me A PC is always welcome to help you with PC building, and you can state your requirements to get the best advice for putting together a gaming PC. It’s a massive hub of thousands of gaming enthusiasts and PC builders that is recommended for beginners to join.

PC Build Help ā€“ PBH

PcBuildHelp on Reddit

PC Build Help is another popular community filled with thousands of members who engage in discussions daily. This subreddit community is dedicated to promoting and sharing quality advice on technical issues and guides well on putting together an entire gaming rig.

PBH has over 32 thousand members, with many members with hands-on experience with PC building. This community is dedicated to helping gamers, from guiding them to solve HDMI troubleshooting to finding the best PC case for your build.

Besides being all tech-savvy and nerdy stuff like connecting front panel cables, PBH is a fun place to scroll around where PC builders benchmark CPUs to show how fast it is. You can also find more information on their WIKI page to build your gaming PC from the beginning, even your first time. PBH promotes nothing but the best advice on PC building and gaming.

Build a PC

Build A PC Canada Reddit

Build A PC is more like the region-based PC building communities that has collected over 23 thousand members within less than a decade. This community might seem restricted to Canadian gamers and PC builders, but anyone around the globe is welcome to join.

Being among the Top 5% of the most popular subreddits by size, this gaming community is a hub for buying and selling pre-built gaming PCs. In addition to that, it also provides quality comprehensive consultation on PC Building with all the technical advice you need, like connecting additional fans with your PC’s motherboard.

Build A PC can also help you learn the basics of gaming and tuning your gaming rig by overclocking/underclocking your CPU and overclocking RAM with XMP. All you have to do is to engage in a discussion by posting your query, and hundreds of members will be more than happy to provide you with advice from their experience and knowledge.

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PC Building Communities on Facebook

Facebook is among the pioneer social media platforms that redefined online communities by making it simpler for everyone to engage in conversations with comments, post polls, and chat directly. All these features make it a perfect place for creating PC building communities, and we have enlisted the most famous ones below.

PC Gaming and Building Enthusiasts

PC Gaming and Building Enthusiasts on Facebook

PC Gaming and Building Enthusiasts is a private Facebook community of over 200 thousand members who dedicate their time and experience to making PC building fun. After joining this community, we assure that you would love to build your PC instead of purchasing a pre-built gaming rig.

This online community is free of spam posts from irrelevant subjects, and the only thing you’ll find here will be technical and fun PC-building discussions. The community is filled with gaming and PC-building experts who can help you assemble a PC with the proper hardware that won’t hurt your wallet.

The admins and moderators always ensure to keep information shared in this community as productive and useful as possible while having humorous fun. You are always welcome to post any queries or directly message members to discuss or ask anything related to gaming and PC building. So whether you’re confused between picking AMD or Intel or looking for the correct way to install a processor, this place can be your best starter guide.

PC Builders Community

PC Builders Community on Facebook

PC Builders Community is among the best public PC building communities on Facebook to find discussions and conversations with professional streamers, gamers, and PC builders worldwide. The PC Builders Community has over 332 thousand members who are always welcoming to help with sincere advice on technical support and PC building.

Even if you’re not a member, you can still post a query in this group, and members will actively participate in answering even the most technical questions, like how to measure CPU power usage or how to fix GPU overheating. Community members always provide tried and tested solutions by sharing their opinions in the comments for the best results.

PC Builders Community does have a strict range of rules even though there is no privacy set in the community. The admins and moderators overlook the posts and filter out any spam or irrelevant content to keep the community highly informative and helpful for their members.

PC Builders and Setups Community

PC Builders and Setups Community on Facebook

PC Builders and Setups Community is one of the finest places to learn about PC building, where all the discussions and posts are visible to everyone. Before buying the new hardware equipment to build your new gaming PC, we suggest scrolling through this community or at least engaging in discussions to learn which hardware you should choose for your PC.

This PC-building community is one of the biggest Facebook groups featuring over 120 thousand members who have built outstanding gaming setups and experienced more about putting together the most compatible hardware.

Group members post pictures of their setups and share questions with the answers to guide what problems they faced while building their rigs. The group has dedicated staff who try their best to help members with technical difficulties and provide all the essential guidelines to build an ultimate gaming PC.

Custom PC Builders

Custom PC Builders on Facebook

Custom PC Builders is a relatively smaller but among the most tech-savvy PC building communities of over 37 thousand members who share their cool builds and gaming setups with the group members. Unlike many other Facebook communities, you won’t find any spam content here. There is no toxic environment of making fun of beginners who have recently stepped into the PC building world for the first time.

This group is highly recommended for those looking to buy budget-friendly parts for their gaming PC. The group members will always bring you the best recommendations, and if someone is selling what you’re looking for by any chance, they’ll reach out directly.

Besides gaming discussions, you’ll find many posts where gamers have shared their builds. You can always post questions to get the best recommendations and post technical problems as queries to find the best answers from experienced PC builders.

Jazz PC Build Community

Jazz PC Build Community on Facebook

Jazz PC Build Community is a growing Facebook group of PC gaming enthusiasts where you will find hundreds of posts related to GPUs and their tweaks in different setups. This online community is the best place to buy and sell a new GPU, and the members share a comprehensive guide on buying a suitable graphics unit for your gaming rig.

In addition, the group moderators and members are usually active in answering their members’ queries and guiding them on how to increase their builds’ performance. If you’re facing any hardware issues or software errors while building your PC, Jazz PC Building will help you out with it.

The group is public so that anyone can join and discuss gaming-related topics. The admins maintain a clean environment for PC gaming enthusiasts to share the most relevant content with their members. It’s a great community for gamers with little or no PC-building experience.

How to Build the Perfect Gaming PC by Yourself (no experience needed)?

The biggest challenge you could face with PC building is finding the perfect hardware that fits your budget and fulfils the requirements of the games that you wish to play. In that case, it’s nearly impossible to compare and note the specs of each game, which can also make things pretty confusing.

Therefore, you can always rely on the online PC Builder by TCG to find you the best parts for the best price range in a couple of minutes. The online PC builder gives you a range of options and features to make your favorite gaming rig by stating the specs according to the games you wish to play. Let’s talk about its working to discuss how it works.

How Does Online PC Builder Work?

  1. First, you must select the set of games you want to play on your gaming rig and click the arrow icon to proceed further.
Selecting Games with the PC Builder

2. Now, the PC Builder will present you with various options to choose your build. You can select an option depending on the budget that seems the best option.

Choosing a Budget Option to Build PC

3. Finally, you can click on the ‘Buy All’ option to purchase all the items from your chosen build and redirect you to buy all the items with just a few clicks.

Buying PC Components to complete the Build

And that’s about it, and you can now assemble your gaming rig that perfectly satisfies your gaming requirements.

Final Words

Communicating and engaging in discussions in PC building communities creates a productive environment for PC builders and beginners to learn how to get started with their gaming rig. It’s a more direct way of finding answers online rather than wasting hours searching for a solution that may or may not relate to your problem. The PC-building communities featured in this article would help you expand your knowledge and build your perfect gaming rig without facing technical issues.


Where Can You Post Your PC Builds?

The best place to post and show off your PC builds is the PC Builders and Setups Community on Facebook which is public, and you can join it for free as well.

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Gaming PC?

Building a gaming PC is a lot cheaper than buying a pre-built gaming rig as you cut labour costs and always find parts for an affordable price.

What Can I Get for a $1000 Gaming PC?

A gaming PC built within the $1000 range can allow you to play games at maxed-out settings on 1080p screen resolution, which is ideal for current-gen gaming.


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