Are the PS4 Servers Shutting Down? Your Complete Guide

Ready to say Goodbye?

Because Sony is planning to stop producing PS4 games by 2025.

No doubt, PS4 was one of the best at its time and among its competitors. But it seems like its time is coming soon.

As seen in Sony’s investor relations briefing, in one slide named “Evolving Shape of First Party Portfolio”, Sony shared the detailed percentage breakdown for releases by the platform in which PS4 is not mentioned at all in the 2025 section.


When the PS5 was released, many cross-generation games were released, but it seems like Sony is set to wind up PS4 support by 2025 because cross-generation games are getting fewer and we don’t know if we’ll get a cross-gen game after Ragnarok and the upcoming spider-man would a PS5 exclusive.

Hold on, Relax, PS4 will still be available throughout 2022, 2023, and 2024.

This case seems like the one in which Microsoft ended production on the Xbox One console family in 2020.

ps4 ps5

Sony has said that it “believes in generations“.

Recent PSN Outage: A Cause for Concern?

On a recent Thursday, the PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony’s online gaming service, faced a significant outage. The technical glitch stirred fears among PS4 users, who worried about the discontinuation of support for the beloved console, which initially launched in 2013.

This concern seems to be fueled by Sony’s focus on the newer PS5 console, a sensation since its introduction in late 2020. Despite the shift, it’s essential to note that a large number of gamers(including me) continue to enjoy their PS4 consoles.

Current PS4 Server Status: What We Know

As per the latest data, the PS4 boasts a large user base of approximately 92 million. Sony, till now, has not declared any official plans to retire PS4 servers. The company even hinted at the possibility of releasing new games for the PS4 alongside PS5 exclusives, keeping the rich gaming library alive for years to come.

Moreover, Sony’s history of supporting older consoles, like the PS3, gives us hope. After retracting their decision to close the PS3’s digital storefront in 2021, following fan backlash, both the PS3 servers and store continue to function smoothly in 2023.

November 6 Shutdown Rumor: Fact or Fiction?

A rumor circulating on social media platforms has pointed towards a potential shutdown of the PS4 servers on November 6. While this news has created a wave of concern, there has been no official announcement from Sony confirming this information. As of now, this rumor appears to be baseless speculation.

How to Secure Your PS4 Gaming Experience

Given the current climate of rumors and speculation, it’s prudent for PS4 users to back up their game data and save on a physical hard drive or USB drive. This precautionary measure will ensure that you have access to your favorite games even if server shutdowns occur in the future.

What Are Servers and Why Might They Shut Down?

In the gaming context, servers are hosting setups that facilitate online multiplayer gaming experiences. Companies might decide to shut down servers for older consoles to reduce business costs, usually when a newer version is introduced, and user activity decreases. This move helps in saving substantial resources as maintaining servers can be expensive.

Final Thoughts

While the rumors are buzzing, sticking to the facts is crucial. At present, Sony has not confirmed any plans to shut down PS4 servers. The PS4 continues to enjoy a massive user base, promising a thriving gaming environment for the foreseeable future.

We understand that the PS4 holds a special place in the hearts of gamers worldwide. Rest assured, your gaming adventures on the PS4 are not at risk now.

Remember always to refer to official sources for the most accurate and current information regarding your gaming experience.