Beats Fit Pro: Brutally Honest Review Of This Wireless Ear-bud

The majesty lies in its ability to securely lock into your ear

I am a cycling geek and one thing that keeps me peddling long distances is jams. Bass-boosted drops and deep notes with a thump kick me up to go a little mile further when I wear out.

The Beats Fit Pro which I bought for $199.95 makes me excited every time for my next lap.

During Cycling, Beats Fit Pro Keeps Me Boozed-up Every Time I Lose Testosterone


Now, I’m not giving Beats Pro a top spot in the best true wireless earbuds. I’ve picked it as one of our top choices in the best true wireless earbuds. They are great to bump you up for motivation, but Beats Fit Pro seems to have a lower volume ceiling than Powerbeats Pro, and at some point, you might feel underpowered.

The reason I get excited about my next lap is that its wingtips are designed for a more steady overall fit.

As the company says: they are designed for “every ear imaginable”, which makes it a nice fit for my cycling ethic.

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At the surface level, I got my Beats Fit Pro for $49.05 less than Apple’s AirPods Pro. This means that Apple AirPods Pro is a frigging $249 which our team has as part of their tech accessory.

I also need to tell this that the same company behind the AirPods Pro designed the Beats Fit Pro in a much more comfortable and ear-soothing way. Who cares if it’s Apple or Samsung, as far as you and I are comfortable with them?

Apple AirPods Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb Every Time I Do Video Calls. Beats Fit Pro Doesn’t

Beats Fit Pro serves me as a daily driver. It makes the lyrics, tune, and everything a bit bassier. But, the cherry on top is its custom-designed, flexible silicon stabilizer wing tips that stay comfortably attached to my ear.

The company meticulously and painstakingly designed the Beats Fit Pro wingtips making it very sure that it does not cause discomfort and numbness or as we call soreness. The wingtip is flexible and adaptable right enough to make sure it doesn’t press too hard into the concha of your ear. That’s a big thumbs up to Apple for considering the “ergonomics” of the earbud.

My Beats Fit Pro fits well into the inside of my ear and I feel good that it doesn’t wrap around the outside of it. The wingtips feel soft to the touch and fit securely in my ears and it never feels like they would slip out as I go over a bumpy ride.

But, a spoiler alert is that for extended listening, you will feel the foreign body in your ear producing a little itchiness. This is slight itchiness and not a serious irritation. You can remove that also by adjusting the position of the earbuds in case.

You’ll Feel Slight Itchiness After Hours Of Listening, But Not A Serious Irritation

Now, I want to spit out a few comments on the design and overall structure of the wireless earbud.

The case for the Fit Pro is not too massive like the Powerbeats Pro, nor too small like the Studio Buds. It’s in the middle. It’s compact. It’s nice.

The touch controls on the outside of each bud are so gracefully positioned that I can play with them while doing long downhill stretches.

I Can Spin My Bike On The Trail, While Also Carefully Working With The Touch Controls

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If I want to pause or play the music, I can use the touch control. If there’s a track I want to skip, I can double-click the “b” button. Likewise, I find it so easy to long hold the control to turn off the ambient listening mode or press a little longer to turn the ambient listening back on.

Speaking of ambient listening; it’s just a function that turns on and off the noise-cancellation mode. The noise-canceling mode is quite impressive, but not dreadfully silent. Even though, when I am stretching down the road on my mountain bike, I can hear a bus behind me.

Pure noise-cancellation like on the Apple AirPods Max can sometimes be dangerous also. It’s worrying, and a little risky. You should have some degree of situational awareness at the very minimum.

I am also a little “promptly” if I have described myself correctly. Now, every time I get a phone call, I without meaning to do it, hang up the phone call or blast music in my ear. This is unintentional, but it might be because of the sensitive controls on the outside of the earbud.

More often, I use the “always-on Hey Siri” so I can raise and lower the music volume by asking Apple’s voice assistant. With Siri, I also issue other voice commands without touching a button. This is usually the case when I’m drifting offroad.

The wireless earbuds do not feel hunky. I mean that they are lightweight, weighing 5.6 grams each.

On rainy days, I am thrilled to hop on my bicycle and warm up the tires around the city, so the splash-proof Beats Fit come as a great help. They are IPX4 water-resistant like the Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods 3.

The Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds emerge in four pastel colors white, lavender (purplish), grey, and black with customization available on demand.

The Design, Structure and Color Accents are Well Held

I am okay with the number of microphones. Three on one, and three on the other make them capable enough to pick up my voice and block out incoming noise.

The battery life to me is the most impressive thing. I can’t charge my wireless earbuds during the lap so I need one with the most efficient battery performance. Beats Fit Pro thankfully pushes it to 6 hours with noise canceling on and 7 hours with it off at moderate volume levels.

This is much more than the Apple AirPods which gives us around 4.5 hours of battery life with noise canceling on and 5 with it off.

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Beats Fit Pro Review: Features

Beats Fit Pro has the H1 chip. This allows for hands-free Siri as well as spatial audio support on Apple Music, Apple TV, and FaceTime. Beats Fit Pro extended its earbuds to Android and iOS users. However, Android users would have to give up on the always-listening assistant and spatial audio.

I would like to comment on spatial audio support: it’s nice, a bonus feature that allows for a more immersive sound experience. It feels wholesome, and complete and draws you into a deeper sink of sound when you’re binge-watching movies and TV shows on Apple devices.

This is no big deal not to buy Beats Fit Pro from Apple. It still does a good job at its Android app. I even tried Beats Fit Pro Android on one of the spare phones in our office. I only did it for one day and it felt nice how I could customize the controls. If such things disturb you, then Sony WF-1000XM4 is a better Android-friendly option.

image 68

The Beats Fit Pro lacks wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility. Beats do not offer us (Find My with proximity view). This feature locates your lost AirPods within a few feet, but we do not have this feature available for Beats Fit Pro.

I need to tell this that Fit Pro wireless earbuds include Apple’s new skin detection sensor. This feature recognizes more accurate automatic play/pause when you dispatch your earbud from your ears. I need to boast about this feature; the sensors can detect the skin and tight spots like pant pockets. It will pause your music if you take it out and play it back once you put them again, so the wireless earbud does not resume playing when you don’t want them to.

I am not holistically impressed with my Beats Fit Pro voice call performance. I mean it’s good but not as good as the Apple AirPods our team has as part of the daily tech. As I mentioned earlier above, the Beats Fit Pro has 6 microphones in total. The voice system, however, leverages five mics during calls.

image 71

I Am Not Holistically Impressed With My Beats Fit Pro Voice Call, But I’m Not Put Off, Though.

Zoom calls were not bad, I did not have to repeat the phrases or such. The only time the background noise filtrated through my Beats was in a super busy marketplace and at home when the kids started playing together. Before writing about this, I did some learning about the tech used in voice calls.

According to Beats, there’s a voice accelerometer that utilizes beamforming mics and a voice detection algorithm that works harmoniously to isolate your voice from background noise.

Voice Calls Were Good, But Not As Defined As When Of The AirPods

A little later, I also learned that my Beats Fit Pro pairs with mostly all Bluetooth audio devices. However, they lose features like spatial audio, Hey-Siri, and audio sharing with other dudes who have their Apple AirPods as their only wireless earbuds.

Beats cater to Android users too. Its app for Android appeals to a greater audience with its fitness-focused attire, strong sound, noise canceling, transparency modes, and an overall good voice-calling performance.

Closing Statement

The Beats Fit Pro gracefully throttles the needle between everyday use and workout purposes. It handles running, cycling, and casual listening very well. An alternative to Apple AirPods, Beats Fit Pro excites us with the almost same features and tricks as the AirPods Pro.

Its sports design, better battery life, effective noise canceling, and decent call quality came out as a winner for me. I know that there are many other top-sounding earbuds swirling in the market that you would point out to me, like those from Master & Dynamic, and Beyerdynamic, but, Beats Fit Pro comes more affordable, more comfortable, and more like Apple AirPods Pro.

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