Should UserBenchmark Be Banned? 3 Major Reasons

The PC hardware rating website ‘UserBenchmark’ is getting canceled by gaming PC builders and Redditors to get banned for the following reasons.

When building a gaming PC, you have to consider many options while comparing each component to get when there are many options. Every PC Builder asks themselves the most common questions like, what GPU to buy, which motherboard to choose, and which RAM will be compatible with your PC.

However, the most important question which made UserBenchmark the center of controversy on Reddit was which processor to pick between AMD vs Intel. The DIY PC building community on Reddit made a comparison between installing Intel or AMD processors in their system, and they were shocked by the biases of UserBenchmark towards Intel single core for considering it the winner against the AMD Multicore processor. They even mocked the results, mentioning their biggest fans in a Tweet for one-sided results.

So, does that means the UserBenchmark should get banned? In this article, we will discuss some significant reasons why Subreddit moderators and DIY PC builders have canceled UserBenchmark from PC-building communities. We will also offer an alternative online tool for building the perfect gaming PC with the most compatible hardware for your budget.

Why Are PC Building Communities Banning UserBenchmark?

UserBenchmark is just a Google search away whenever you’re looking to compare two GPUs or CPUs. This website has become so authoritative that anyone would blindly trust them, and that’s what they’ve used to shine their business, as accused by Subreddit users. Here are the most obvious reasons communities demand a ban on UserBenchmark for comparing hardware components.

Reason #1: UserBenchmark is Biased Toward Intel

The most prominent reason UserBenchmark is getting canceled by gaming and PC-building communities is its favoritism toward Intel processors. In addition to that, there is a lack of AMD processors on the website’s listing, which raised suspicion of UserBenchmark’s hatred towards AMD. Even in their list of best-rated processors, you will barely find any AMD CPUs in the rankings.

CPU Rankings on UserBenchmark

The website makes its users believe the results are based on their study and user reviews. However, if we look at the specifications of the comparison example between Intel-core i5-10600 and AMD Ryzen 5 3600 stated above, it is clear that AMD wins with its multicore processing. However, UserBenchmark stated scores differently to portray that Intel is a better choice in that case.

AMD and Intel Processor Comparison on UserBenchmark

Reason #2: Favorable to Nvidia

If we talk about the GPUs, UserBenchmark has again discriminated against AMD, keeping Nvidia GPUs in the top rankings. As for their rankings by user ratings on graphics cards, we couldn’t find any AMD GPU in the top 20 positions.

Nvidia GPUs in top rankings of UserBenchmark

For example, if we talk about the comparison between NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super and AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, the UserBenchmark states that Nvidia GPU is a bit faster than the Radeon. However, that’s not the case if we look at the user reviews on the other websites and the specifications on both GPUs, which shows that, theoretically and statistically, AMD is a better graphics card.

Benchmarks from:

Reason #3: Unprofessional Behavior

Last but not least, the thing that added fuel to the fire was the hateful mockery and remarks from the UserBenchmark’s about page. In response to Reddit users’ heavy criticism and questions on biased ratings, the UserBenchmark narrated Reddit users and PC builders as ‘Incompetent “moar core” marketers’ and an ‘army of marketers steamroll social media with anonymous accounts.’

About Page from UserBenchmark

Moreover, instead of stating anything logical, UserBenchmark self-proclaimed itself as a group of scientists and engineers instead of stating their standards and activities to benchmark hardware for gaming. All this led to exposing UserBenchmark as a hateful and biased website that favors rich brands.

Should UserBenchmark Be Banned?

Definitely, Yes. The UserBenchmark favors more expensive hardware, and as stated on their About page, they earn via affiliate links to skim more profits as commissions. Moreover, it ranks hardware components based on ‘User Ratings,’ which can be manipulated statically by bombarding reviews in favor of a certain CPU or GPU, which are mostly opposite on other benchmark sites

UserBenchmark ban post from Subreddit

r/Hardware became the first community on Reddit to ban UserBenchmark with the approval of 97% of the members, which was labeled as the ‘smear campaign’ by UserBenchmark. Based on the growing criticism, mocking remarks, and biases towards the hardware, the most popular subreddits, like r/Intel, also banned UserBenchmark users from starting discussions or posting anything. Most were either trolling the community or sharing inaccurate benchmarks from the site to annoy the moderators and members.

PC Building Alternative for UserBenchmark

UserBenchmark has a lot of the trustworthiness and approval of many online PC builders. The website mainly tested and compared the gaming hardware, making it a center of attention for many users. The website never stated any benchmarks based on frame rates or anything for specific games or revealed their benchmarking criteria.

Therefore, if you’re looking to build a gaming PC with hardware components that fulfill the requirements of certain games you wish to play, we recommend taking assistance from the PC Builder by TCG. This online tool makes the PC building more seamless with just a few clicks by presenting you with various budget options. Let’s discuss how it works, and there is no login or sign-up condition either.

How to Build the CPU Guide

  1. First, you must select your favorite games by searching for them in the library. Simply click on the game titles and then click the ‘arrow’ icon to proceed.
Selecting Games in the PC Builder

2. Within a few seconds, the PC Builder will present you with a range of budget options to choose a build. Select the build that fits your budget and click the ‘arrow’ icon to proceed.

Choosing Build in PC Builder

3. Now click the ‘Buy All’ option, and you will be redirected to purchase all the necessary parts to build the gaming PC under your chosen budget.

Buying the Selected Hardware Components for gaming PC

Final Words

Marketing and advertising have become the modern way of skimming profits from gamers willing to spend a fortune to experience those smooth frame rates and higher resolution. But at the same time, it is unfair to manipulate the stats based on undefined standards to benchmark hardware components.

This article stated some major reasons to band UserBenchmark for gaming PC building. We also shared the alternative online tool that you can use for PC building with complete steps and functioning. Hopefully, this article gave you valuable insights on benchmarking gaming hardware.


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Is AMD Faster than Intel?

As for the previous generation CPUs, Intel has always performed better than the AMD CPUs. However, the latest-gen AMD Ryzen series is more powerful theoretically and statistically than the Intel Core processors.

Why is AMD Cheaper than Intel?

AMD processors are relatively cheaper than Intel because of their Chiplets architecture adaption from the monolithic chip design, making it more affordable and efficient than Intel processors.


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