Apple AirPods Pro 2 & New Colors for AirPods Max Coming Later this Sall, Says Report

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Apple always has some new tricks up its sleeve.

They seem to be getting ready for the launch of several new products and services later this year.

Rumors suggest that Apple might launch the next-generation AirPods Pro 2 sometime later this year. The second-generation Pro may likely feature a sleeker design and offer health-fitness capabilities.

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A recent report corroborates rumors that the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro are in the works and the company may launch the device sometime later this year.

In a newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that Apple is working on a new pair of premium wireless earphones.

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Gurman expects to see a price drop for the over-ear headphones in the coming months and is also hoping for new colors for the existing model.

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To make AirPods Max more appealing to users, Apple is also rumored to be planning to add a new color to the lineup this fall. The company could also address some of the deficiencies of the existing two models, one for over-ear and one for in-ear wear, by adding support for lossless audio playback via both wireless and wired connections.

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Although not much is known about the next-generation AirPods, sketchy rumors suggest it will likely be a refreshed design with improved battery life and health monitoring features.

The pricing of the device is not known right now but it is expected to be in the same range as its predecessor.

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However, this information should be treated with scepticism as it is based on unverifiable sources and it is unclear how reliable they are right now.

Since launching the first AirPods in December 2017, the company has released two generations of the standard AirPods and one version of the Pro model. The first big upgrade to AirPods came in March 2019.

The AirPods Max has been widely praised for its audio quality but critics have slammed Apple for charging $549 for the over-ear cans. Apple was rumored to introduce a low-cost version of the AirPods Max last year but we haven’t heard anything substantial on that front since then.

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